Alta Moda Brings Inspiration to Fashion

When it comes to fashion created by Dolce & Gabba, it could never be claimed that their clothing line is subdued or boring. In fact, anyone familiar with the style icon’s long history can attest that D&G is quite the opposite. Minimalists beware, during the 2022 Alta Moda show in Sicily, the big fashion house showcased everything a style icon would wish for and more.

Who better to demonstrate this fun fact than the media experts of style? Here’s a look at what they’re saying.



Vogue wrote a feature piece describing the glamorous party in Sicily to complete the 4-day event. Held in a 13th-century castle immersed in the city’s Baroque architecture, the event drew fashion legends, Hollywood elite, and the people who write about them from all over the world.

Vogue highlights how the event has grown over 10 years. It’s become more than an event about couture. It’s an event where industry relationships are created and inspiration blooms.

Harper’s Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar titled the event “Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda’s Operatic Homecoming.” The title is appropriate given what we know. The event took place in Baroque surroundings, the stars showcasing Dolce & Gabbana wore luxurious fabrics including floral brocades, and the fashion house is nothing if not at times over the top.

Harper’s Bazaar reveals even further to its readers that there was a staged reenactment of a 19th-century opera that recounts a Sicilian romance. The article featured some of D&G’s wildest creations, including a model wearing a dress with giant cherubs resting on each shoulder. If Harper’s take on the event is correct, the atmosphere was wholly Italian, cinematic, and perhaps even the stuff of dreams.


For its coverage of the event, Elle featured a photo of stars Drew Barrymore, Mariah Carey, Sharon Stone, and Helen Mirren in their Dolce & Gabbana threads. The performers were all stunning. While Sharon Stone looked like a baroque queen, Helen Mirren gave off a more festive vibe in bold colors more reminiscent of Mexico or Spain.

Elle described the show as stunning and inspired by “the Sicilian woman.” As with the other two fashion magazines, Elle was impressed with the dramatic surroundings and operatic reenactments. Elle further reveals there was a religious procession, which might help explain the shoulder cherubs mentioned earlier.

People Magazine

Whereas the big fashion magazines were enamored with the glamorous surroundings, People Magazine appropriately focused on the people and what they were wearing. The magazine reveals more famous faces who made the event, including Heidi Klum, Kris Jenner, and songstress Ciara.

They feature a gallery of famous fashionistas wearing their most glamorous fittings. Several families were in attendance, including Christian Bale’s and Ciara’s.

Was It All the Hype?

Based on media reporting, it appears the 10th anniversary Alta Moda show was all the hype and more. It was fashion inspired by a feeling. The feeling is Italian, baroque, religion, and grandiosity. That type of feeling inspires gold, brocades, silks, satins, embellishments, and glamour.

Wearing a feeling, or a mood, created by geniuses like Dolce & Gabbana doesn’t have to be just for the famous. Take a look at photos from the show to create your own unique take.

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