Reclaimed Scaffold Boards: What Are They Used For?

If you like carpentry or want custom items for the decor of your home, envisage using reclaimed scaffold boards. Reclaimed scaffold boards are great for building new pieces of furniture and adding authentic finishing touches.

You can actually use reclaimed scaffold boards in multiple ways. They are not suitable for floors and walls. Fortunately, there are many ideas to create objects with reclaimed scaffold boards. These pieces of old scaffold boards are normally used for projects that have to do with shelving, tables, and outdoor areas.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the things you can do with reclaimed scaffold boards.



Surely, reclaimed scaffold boards come to be an inexpensive option for floor repairing and sanding. You can utilize reclaimed scaffold boards to sand, treat, and varnish floors. As you can see, this alternative is rather versatile. They are multi-purpose, so it is possible to achieve an urban or classy style with them.


reclaimed scaffold boards reclaimed scaffold boards near me second hand scaffold boards old scaffold boards second hand scaffolding planks



A great addition would be a bookcase or else a dining table. You can enlarge your dining table with these pieces of wood.

If you are on a tight budget, you can make use of several reclaimed scaffold boards to repair desks, coffee tables, and dining tables, or just build new ones with the surplus. The size of your creation will depend on the number and size of the boards you have. The design is ultimately down to what you imagine. Some craft benches or bench-style furniture.

You are free to create tables for the dining room, living room, and hallway. The variety of furniture items with reclaimed scaffold boards is immense. The material is compatible with others as well, which means you can combine it with leather or wool to achieve a rustic touch.


reclaimed scaffold boards reclaimed scaffold boards near me second hand scaffold boards old scaffold boards second hand scaffolding planks


Kitchen worktops

Again, make your kitchen design more rustic with reclaimed scaffold boards. Generally, these old platforms are intended to add a rustic touch without sacrificing modernity. Others create their own kitchen workshops. The only thing you must take into account is the space available.


scaffold large 02 reclaimed scaffold boards

In the garden

Are scaffold boards great for home exterior decoration? Of course, they are!

As second-hand scaffold boards, they are not new and have a visually worn appearance. This appearance adds the natural aesthetics you are looking for. It is best to make use of scaffold boards for garden decoration because of their compatibility with natural environments.

When reclaimed scaffold boards are untreated, they can match better with the trees, flowers, and pathways. Wood is natural and looks even more natural when it has aged enough.


reclaimed scaffold boards used as planters reclaimed scaffold boards



Surely, reclaimed scaffold boards are an option to build outdoor floorboards and decking. Do not think that it is not a durable option. Depending on the type of wood, the boards can last many years, even when exposed to rain and direct sunlight.

Use your creativity and do not limit yourself to certain shapes and sizes. Second-hand scaffold planks can be implemented for the construction of steps and raised areas around the garden. Ensure you care for them properly.


scaffold boards used as decking reclaimed scaffold boards



A pergola is a great addition to home exteriors. If you have many planks of different sizes, consider building your own pergola, which will fulfill the function of a hut at parties or family reunions.

A pergola can be decorated with other elements, but try to keep it simple. Normally, pergolas get filled with creeping plants and vines that decorate them naturally. Pergolas feature a sitting area for comfort.


m brown wooden pergola attached to house reclaimed scaffold boards


Raised flower beds

You don’t need plenty of planks for creating raised flower beds. If you have a big garden, you may require reclaimed scaffold boards of all sizes. It is all contingent on your requirements. Raised flower beds are very decorative and enable you to grow veggies and fruit.

With these planks, you can build from planters to pots, which come to be a better option because of their shabby look. Just make sure the planters and pots you make fit with the design of your garden. Be careful to place the reclaimed scaffold boards where they should be.


reclaimed scaffold boards reclaimed scaffold boards near me second hand scaffold boards old scaffold boards second hand scaffolding planks


Likewise, multi-purpose workshops are among the options. Create not only a workshop for your kitchen as we have mentioned above, but also a workshop for campervans, greenhouses, and utility rooms. This time, sand and treat the wood before use.

Workshops with reclaimed scaffold boards have a natural and professional look. Do not overlook the appearance of the planks. Just treat them and lay them properly.


96204ca0db04f41f3d4a6d33adda7ac0 scaffold boards pallet walls reclaimed scaffold boards


Certainly, they are suitable for the construction of tables, chairs, and other pieces of furniture. This is a more cost-effective option. You can create all sorts of furniture since there are no limits.

Don’t play down reclaimed scaffold boards just because they are second-hand planks and are scratched. They may still have a long useful life. Just find a way to reuse them and minimize construction costs.

Reclaimed scaffold boards are part of the hipster trend that is gaining ground currently. You can construct bars, minibars, and a wide range of coffee tables and chairs for pergolas and workshops. They are excellent for boutique furniture.

Closets, bedside tables, coffee tables, and dining room tables are only some of the objects you can build out of reclaimed scaffold boards. If you are not down for this kind of project, pick up second-hand planks from online stores. Just enter reclaimed scaffold boards near me and Bob’s your uncle. Many homeowners are selling old planks that are still in a good condition for this kind of project.

The only con of reclaimed scaffold boards is that they do need special treatment and maintenance, which can take a lot of time and physical effort. But in all cases, you will spend less money.


reclaimed scaffold boards reclaimed scaffold boards near me second hand scaffold boards old scaffold boards second hand scaffolding planks

Where to buy used scaffolding boards

As mentioned above, it is possible to get reclaimed scaffold boards near me if you contact a local scaffolding supplier. They sell planks they don’t want anymore but are perfect for DIY jobs. If the provider has a wealth of this wood, they might probably be free of charge.


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