What is the Bungalow House Design?

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Wooden houses are essentially unique, comfortable, environmentally friendly, resistant, and even healthier and cheaper than houses made with other materials. One of the styles that people have loved most recently is the bungalow house design. Find out why.

According to the design used in the construction of a wooden house, some styles can be more sophisticated or complicated than others, but all are naturally beautiful. The Bungalow house design, for example, is not as popular as other home designs, but surely, without realizing it, we have been in front of these houses at least once in our lives.

A bungalow is usually a good option for young families just starting out or older couples looking to downsize. A bungalow is a house with a unique structure and features that make it charming and spacious enough for small families.

Many people are not familiar with the term bungalow and ignore the positives of it. Believe it or not, these houses are a lovely option for singles, couples, and families alike.

But the concepts and intention of a bungalow house design are much more complex. Its design and popularity are rooted in the idea that simplicity and art can be combined while maintaining affordability. To date, having a bungalow house plan is something desirable. The exterior features of Craftsman-style homes, like tapered pillars and a pitched roof, make them iconic. But not all bungalow designs have these features.


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Old bungalow house design

What is a bungalow?

Bungalows as a housing concept originated in Bengal, Asia. The trend spread from Australia to New Zealand first and then gained popularity in Canada, South Africa, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Bungalow homes are simple, small, and very practical one-story houses with large windows. In Spain, bungalows are called two-story houses. They normally have a garden that surrounds the ground floor and a solarium on the second floor.

They are deemed a superb investment. Although they are rarely built today, they are still in demand. These houses retain their value over time and are likely to increase in value, as long as they are properly maintained or remodeled.


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Modern bungalow design


Features of a bungalow

Bungalow floor plans have unique features that set them apart from typical homes.

Generally, traditional houses measure less than 2,000 square feet, while bungalows average 1,000 – 2,000 square feet, more or less. A modern bungalow house design is square-shaped and you detect this from the inside and the outside of the structure.

It has a low-slope roof, features an open floor plan with an all-in-one living area in one space instead of being closed off, normally has magnificent front porches, and has simple and timely architecture.


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A bungalow house design includes columns, knee pads, and a base made of brick. Window styles are also particular and casement windows are a norm.

Bungalows are simple but sophisticated. They are small but spacious and urban, but private. They provide families with a great deal of private space in neighborhoods that are noisy.

So let’s review the pros and cons of a bungalow house design.


Pros of a bungalow house design

  • Easier mobility

As a bungalow is a single-story home, it is ideal for elderly people, individuals with physical limitations and wheelchair users. Since there are no stairs, they are a good option for families with small children and the risk of accidents is lower.

  • A house design that never goes out of fashion

The truth is that bungalows are still built, but those that were built in the early 1900s and have been preserved until today have an undeniable charm and character.

The handcrafted details and the intimacy that these houses convey are the envy of any modern bungalow design.


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  • More private

Bungalows are usually built in less populated areas, so they have more space around them and are often surrounded by other bungalows that are a few meters away. So there will be no problem with prying neighbors at all.


Cons of a bungalow house design

  • More expensive

When investing in a modern bungalow design, you will notice it has a higher per-square-meter cost than a 2-story house. This is because a bungalow requires more land for its construction since everything is on the ground floor.

That is why both in terms of land, construction materials, and architectural value, bungalows are more expensive.

  • Smaller rooms

Since everything is on the same floor, you will notice that the guest rooms are as small as the bathrooms.

Evidently, family needs have changed. Bungalows contrast with the philosophy of modern architectural proposals that suggest that private spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms are more important and should be more spacious.

  • Security concerns

Many people like to leave their windows open during the summer. But if all the rooms are on the ground floor, there is a certain concern regarding privacy, which often goes beyond the protection measures we have today. You can’t have a bungalow wherever you are.

  • Is there only one bungalow house design?

Although the Bungalow house design is a housing style that relies on wood, there is not a unique design, but a style that varies depending on the manufacturer. Of course, all bungalow styles have common features, but the end result is a different home that will probably have 3 or 6 rooms, depending on the homeowner. Either way, all the rooms will be elegant and classic.


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Talking about Bungalows is talking about the North American conception of the term. In many cases, it can even be confused with prefabricated houses, since these usually have no more than a single floor. However, bungalows are real estate and, therefore, must be non-modular constructions built on a wooden structure.

A bungalow house design is a type of housing ideal for people with reduced mobility and families with children. It eliminates the problem of having a house divided into two floors and minimizes the traffic of people walking up and downstairs. Since this type of housing has no stairs, there’s no risk of falls and accidents, and makes mobility easier for people in a wheelchair or using a cane.


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