Can I Use A Massage Chair Every Day?

During the hustle and bustle of life sometimes, we just need to relax and unwind. This is why we should all consider not only buying a massage chair but also making proper use of it. Can I use a massage chair every day? This is a question people often ask.

In this guide, we will aim to explain the various advantages as well as drawbacks to not only owning a massage chair but also using it every day.


What is a Massage Chair?

Simply put, a massage chair is a chair designed to massage and alleviate certain areas of the body from tension. These areas of the body include the head, the shoulders as well as the back of individuals receiving the massages.

Can I Use A Massage Chair Every Day? A Complete Massage Chair Guide

Types of Massage Chairs

There are two main types of massage chairs. The first one is the traditional massage chair, which allows for easy access to the back and neck area. These chairs are usually portable and do not require the client to disrobe allowing for easy movement and massage of clients even in the work area.

The second type of massage chair is the robotic massage chair, which makes use of electronic motors and gears embedded inside the chair to massage the person sitting in them. Most robotic massage chairs contain a controller that changes the position as well as the intensity of the area of the body being massaged. These chairs are designed to mimic the motions of a massage therapist

In the case of robotic massage chairs, there are various designs from some resembling recliners to massage pads that can be placed on existing chairs.

Why You Need A Massage Chair?

There are various benefits to using the best massage chair from relaxation and reduced blood pressure to lowering pulse rate to increasing metabolism.

The main reason most people use massage chairs; however is to alleviate muscle pains. Therapeutic massage chairs have the ability to ease muscle tension and can also have a sort of relaxing effect.

Can I Use A Massage Chair Every Day?

In order to enjoy a massage effectively, it is important to understand how often one should use a massage chair. It is a pleasant experience but one that is quite intense and in order to help you get the best out of your massage chair here are some points that I have put across for you to look at before you make a decision on how often you choose to use your massage chair:

Time Per Sit Down

According to massage chair experts, the amount of time one chooses to spend on a massage chair during each sit down is something that should be taken into quite a high consideration, as the possibility of overdoing a massage is quite real.

The overuse of a massage chair can cause muscle cramps. If it is used daily you are advised to strictly keep each sit down to a 15 – 20-minute maximum and this should be repeated only twice a day.

Work Time Of Chair

Depending on where the massage chair is being used specifically, this can have a great deal of effect on the life period of the chair. For example, if a massage chair is being used at home, it would last much longer than a massage chair that is being used in a gym or a spa.

Massage chairs usually come with a warranty for a certain period but if it is being used for commercial purposes then one should consider extending the warranty to a business guarantee.

Time Of The Day Used

In addition, the time of day that one chooses to use the massage chair would affect the frequency in which one can use the massage chair without getting aches or sores. The recommended time that experts advise one to use a massage chair is in the morning when you wake up. You can quite simply slip into your massage chair as opposed to sleeping for that extra 20 minutes. This habit can be practiced every day without fear of a negative impact on your body.

The Severity of Muscle Pain

When considering how often to make use of one’s massage chair a good consideration to take into mind is the amount of pain that one is experiencing as well as on which particular part of the body one is experiencing it.

It is recommended that if one is using the massage chair for recreation purposes then the frequency of use should be much less than those using it in a medical or orthopedic context.


Like everything else, there comes a point in time when too much becomes bad for you and this remains true in the case of massage chairs. In essence, the work of a massage chair is to put relieve stress on tense muscles in order to relax a person. It does this by the use of motors.

The motors target specific muscles and then vibrate them in order to ease their tension. When the muscle is overstimulated however this would have an adverse effect as one would develop spasms and as a result muscle cramps in that particular area of the body.

How Much Does a Massage Chair Cost?

Owning a massage chair can be very beneficial to an individual however, one must make sure to buy a massage chair that is not only effective but also around one’s budget. Massage chairs range in price from a basic $400 massage chair to a full-body massage chair, which can go for upwards of $2000.

Frequency of use should also be taken into consideration when choosing one’s price range as cheaper massage chairs would require the owner to use them much less than the more expensive commercial massage chairs.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, I would like to state that whether you’ve considered buying a massage chair or not at an online furniture shop, we all need a good massage at some point in our life. Due to the ever-advancing world, we are in, we are all required to put in more and more work every day.

This is why I think making proper use of one’s massage chair is of extreme importance. The value you would get from using your massage chair appropriately will ultimately serve to benefit you as the owner of a massage chair in the end.

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