30 Incredible Dark Green Wall Ideas

Color trends come and go but some colors are ever-GREEN. Check out these incredible dark green wall ideas for every room!  

A color scheme can make or break the overall aesthetics of a room. Choosing the right colors for a space is crucial in interior design. A clever color palette can create mood, add stylish flair and bring cohesion to a room.

Green is an extremely versatile hue that can be seen in most homes today. Green convey a sense of peace, tranquility, and harmony.

Whether through the color scheme or plants, there’s no denying that this nature’s most associable hue is calming and invigorating.

Dark green is a shade of green that timeless and brings an understated elegance into interior spaces. This color works beautifully for every room in a home.

In this article, we’ve curated 30 dark green wall ideas to add lively sophistication to your home.


30 Incredible Dark Green Wall Ideas


1. Emerald Green Bedroom

Elegance is the name of the game! Emerald green is a rich-tone green ideal for creating a sophisticated, polished, and energetic interior.

This rich and opulent shade of green is inherently cozy and promotes relaxation, hence, suitable for living rooms and bedrooms.

30 Incredible Dark Green Wall IdeasPHOTO: KARE DESIGN


2. Glossy Dark Green Wall Paint

Glossy interior paint is known to radiate a subtle shine and reflect light. It is often more suited for trim and wood paneling. Glamorous glossy dark green wall paint is often seen in living rooms and dining rooms.

It is more durable in comparison to matte paints and the smooth surface helps to prevent dirt build-up –making it easier to clean.

30 Incredible Dark Green Wall IdeasPHOTO: WEST ELM


3. Blush Pink and Dark Green Living Room

There is an array of colors that works brilliantly with dark green but when combined with blush pink, it is a pair made in interior design heaven.

This two-color combination can instantly take any space from drab to fab. Other colors that are just divine when paired with dark green are burnt orange, brown, and mustard yellow.

30 Incredible Dark Green Wall IdeasPHOTO: NATHAN JAC


4. Half Painted Bathroom Wall

There are too many dull bland bathrooms in the world today, don’t add to it! To create more interest and a sense of drama in your bathroom, consider a half-painted dark green wall and use wallpaper in the upper half.

This you the benefit of using a bold color and characterful wallpaper without overwhelming the space. For a less-intrusive look, you can simply paint the upper half white.

30 Incredible Dark Green Wall IdeasPHOTO: GRAHAM BROWN


5. Dark Green and Yellow Living Room

Yellow is a cheerful, summery, and welcoming hue. Dark green creates a moody ambiance and a yellow combination helps create balance.

This color scheme conjures up images of leaves, flowers, and florals right away. When used paired using the right tones, it can give an impactful edge to any room in the home.

30 Incredible Dark Green Wall IdeasPHOTO: TROUVA

6. Tropical Green Living Room

At any time of year, the tropical interior style instantly infuses a space with a sense of excitement and comfort.

A tropical theme is a design approach that draws inspiration from nature and emphasizes relaxation, unwinding, and resort-style luxury. Dark green is the perfect backdrop to create a style, alongside other nature-inspired colors and elements.

30 Incredible Dark Green Wall IdeasPHOTO: AUDENZA


7. Dark Green Living Room Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a characterful alternative to painted walls. All wallpapers have the ability to give a room beauty and richness. They come in an array of colors, patterns, and textures.

If you want to incorporate dark green in a room without paint, this is the way to go. Plus, wallpapers are more durable than painted walls.

30 Incredible Dark Green Wall IdeasPHOTO: ETSY


8. Moody Dark Green Kitchen

There is an undeniable elegance in moody spaces. A dark kitchen has cozy, luxurious, inviting atmosphere. A deep and rich hue such as dark green is one of the best ways to create a moody kitchen.

Think about how many shades of dark colors you’ll use to balance and beauty of the kitchen. If the walls are dark green and the cabinets neutral, it will not create this look. 

The moody look should feature varying dark tones. This kitchen style is best suited for big kitchens with a good amount of light. 

30 Incredible Dark Green Wall IdeasPHOTO: KITCHENMAKERS


9. Dark Green Bathroom Wall Paneling

Wall paneling is a simple technique to give interior walls texture, depth, and intrigue. Generally, bathroom wall panels are less expensive, easier to maintain, and will last longer than tiles.

30 Incredible Dark Green Wall IdeasPHOTO: CLARE


10. Moody Dark Green Study

Moody hues, especially dark green, promote relaxation and focus. A home study or office space is one of the best places to use a moody scheme. For a tranquil environment ideal for studying and working, opt for dark green walls or rich wood paneling.

30 Incredible Dark Green Wall IdeasPHOTO: EYESWOON


11. Rustic Dark Green Living Room

Earthy tones, a blend of organic elements, and aged rough materials are characteristics of a rustic interior design style. The very best rustic interiors strike the ideal blend between rugged and cozy. A dark green wall creates a cozy and relaxing atmosphere and is perfect for rustic spaces.

30 Incredible Dark Green Wall IdeasPHOTO: ATLANTA HOMES MAG


12. Moody Green Master Bathroom

Bathrooms are a fantastic place to use green since it is a soothing, natural color that symbolizes rejuvenation. Moody dark green creates an elegance and comfortable chicness that is ideal for master bathrooms.

30 Incredible Dark Green Wall IdeasPHOTO: KILZ


13. Bohemian Green Bedroom

The Bohemian interior style is perfect for those who want their home full of life, and elements from different cultures. This style embraces imaginative, freewheeling, and unorthodox decor, which runs counter to modern perceptions.

30 Incredible Dark Green Wall IdeasPHOTO: PINTEREST


14. Gold and Dark Green Bathroom Wallpaper

While green wallpaper creates a calming oasis, gold & dark green wallpaper instantly adds style and elegance to a bathroom. It is the perfect contrast to add mood, impact, and drama to a space.

30 Incredible Dark Green Wall IdeasPHOTO: PINTEREST


15. Elegant  Green Dining Room

Dark tones of green are a great choice for dining room walls. They provide a chic, sophisticated warmth and are naturally soothing and relaxing. For more impact, opt for dark green dining chairs to match the wall.

30 Incredible Dark Green Wall IdeasPHOTO: COSYWORLD


16. Cozy Dark Green Bedroom

Green is known to be one of the most restful colors for the eyes. When employed in the correct way, dark forest green, a hue with strong ties to nature, can really help to create that cozy feeling in the bedroom. It has strong ties to nature and is subtly reassuring and upbeat.

30 Incredible Dark Green Wall IdeasPHOTO: HARRISON NATE


17. Nature-Inspired Green Home Office

Being surrounded by nature helps us disconnect from our routine and mundane lives. A nature-inspired home office space can help you create the ultimate focus-orientated space.

You’d be surprised by how much productivity it can increase in you by adding a feeling of a refreshing wave.

30 Incredible Dark Green Wall IdeasPHOTO: JESSICA BRIGHAM


18. Dark Green Dining Room Accent Wall

An accent wall, also known as a feature wall, helps to create depth, interest, and a focal point in interior spaces, especially the dining room. It is also a cost-effective way to instantly spruce up boring rooms.



19. Green Vertical Wall Panels

One of the simplest foolproof methods to heighten your walls and create openness in a smaller space is using vertical paneling. Your interior walls will get dimension and visual interest thanks to this small feature. This is also a great accent wall idea for any room in the room.

30 Incredible Dark Green Wall IdeasPHOTO: ETSY

20. Textured Green Bedroom Wall Paint

The addition of textured paint to the walls gives the wall surface more dimension, vitality, and charm. Additionally, paint texture can create surfaces that are resistant to domestic usage pressures and disguise imperfections.

30 Incredible Dark Green Wall IdeasPHOTO: HARRISON NATE


21. Nursery with Dark Green Board and Bathen Wall

Dark green is not the first color that comes to mind when thinking of colors appealing to babies.

Be reminded that it is a very serene, calming, and natural hue. Dark green color will help babies sleep better than highly saturated and unrelaxed hues.



22. Upholstered Wall Mounted Headboard

Upholstered wall mounted headboards have the benefit of providing visual appeal alongside excellent support and stability. They come in a variety of fabrics and styles capable of suiting any bed or interior style. Dark green wall mounted headboard can create a comfortably modern feel in the bedroom.

30 Incredible Dark Green Wall IdeasPHOTO: SUNA INTERIOR DESIGN


23. Contemporary Dark Green Bedroom

A contemporary interior style is characterized by minimalism, subdued sophistication, purposeful use of texture, and clean lines. A dark green wall is perfect for a contemporary bedroom. Paired with white, and yellow accents, it makes a striking combination.

30 Incredible Dark Green Wall IdeasPHOTO: ANNA ANGIEL INTERIORS


24. Dark Green Bedroom Board and Batten Wall

A style of wood paneling known as board and batten uses broad planks that are nailed side by side, usually vertically. Although it works for just about any space in the home, it is mostly used in the living room, bedroom, and dining room.

30 Incredible Dark Green Wall IdeasPHOTO: ANGELA ROSE


25. Dark Green Bathroom Tile

Tiles are a great way to incorporate dark green in your bathroom. This will give an impactful edge and elegance to your space. Emerald or forest green tiles will instantly give your bathroom a moody and dramatic feel.

30 Incredible Dark Green Wall IdeasPHOTO: ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST


26. Olive Green Living Room

What shade of green can compare to olive in the living room? Umm, not many! Olive green is a crowd-pleasing color that brightens up a room while also keeping it elegant and cozy. What makes it stand out is that it’s fairly vivid while still having that visual intrigue.

30 Incredible Dark Green Wall IdeasPHOTO: ARCERI INTERIORS


27. Dark Green Living Room Wall and Ceiling

It is an unconventional approach but there are good reasons to paint your wall and ceiling the same color. This painting technique helps make the room cozier and the ceiling higher than it actually is. It also prevents the space from appearing and feeling choppy.

30 Incredible Dark Green Wall IdeasPHOTO: SARAH FULTZ

28. Dark Green Brick Kitchen Wall

A painted brick wall adds character, texture, and style to the kitchen while giving your kitchen a colorful boost. Brick walls give interior spaces, especially the kitchen, an industrial, warm, and natural feel.



29. Dark Green Entry Way

Dark green is an excellent color for an entryway since it creates a welcoming and calming ambiance. Plus, it can be used in a variety of ways and can make your guests feel relaxed and welcomed.

30 Incredible Dark Green Wall IdeasPHOTO: STEPHANIE HALL


30. Dark Green Fireplace Accent Wall

A fireplace accent wall helps to highlight the architectural detail and create a focal point. It can spruce up the look of a living room and reignite a boring living room. Dark green is a versatile hue that can be used as a great accent wall color for this purpose.

30 Incredible Dark Green Wall IdeasPHOTO: EMERALD TERRACE



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