8 Incredible Extendable Dining Room Tables

If you have to save enough space in your cabin or home, it will be simple for you to install an extendable dining room table, considering that this kind of table fulfills this purpose. On the market, you can find a lot of extendable tables in a wide array of materials and sizes, which makes it a feasible option.

Today, traditional furniture can be converted into authentically suitable pieces for current decorations in which every inch of the house counts. Homeowners are now betting on extendable tables because they are multi-purpose.

One of the advantages of this furniture is that it is space-saving, making it easy to install a set of chairs and a dining table that can be extended when necessary.

Keep reading to get insights into the types of extendable dining tables, their construction materials, and their pros and cons.


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Extendable dining room tables are manufactured and marketed in all kinds of materials, such as chipboard, polymers, melamine, fine wood, glass, aluminum and glass, wrought iron, wood, and glass.

In other words, there is a wide variety of designs and materials that can adapt to the decoration of your home. Whether you have a more classic, rustic, or modern style, you will surely find the best extendable dining room table that suits your home décor

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Types of extendable tables

  • Wings table

This traditional set consists of one or two wings on each side fixed with a fastening system.

There are also designs in which the two halves slide to create a space in the central area. This is one of the types of extendable dining room tables you can include in your room to accommodate a greater number of diners during family reunions.

  • Tempered glass tables

Tempered glass tables are one of the best options for small dining rooms. Nowadays, they have modern opening systems to make them larger or smaller in a matter of seconds without effort.

It is one of the types of extendable dining room tables that add a more elegant and modern touch to the home without sacrificing the practicality that this furniture offers.

These tables are perfect for combining design and comfort at the same time. For this reason, it is one of the most successful today.


Ikea extendable tables

Ikea extendable tables are very versatile and functional and have lots of advantages. They are really space-saving. They do not take up much space on a day-to-day basis and can be opened when required. You can adjust the size of an Ikea extendable table according to the circumstances (guests, parties, etc.).

Below are some Ikea extendable table models:

  • Ekedalen table

Ekedalen is one of the extendable tables that Ikea offers. It is a perfect dining table to receive unexpected guests. It can be opened by one person and the legs stay in the corners, providing more space for the chairs.

Thanks to its finish and aesthetics, it looks good in the dining room and in the kitchen. When opened, it fits up to 6 people.

The table has a solid wood lower structure that resists liquids, stains, food, bumps, and scratches.

  • Vangsta table

It is a table designed for 2 and 4 people that can be adjusted its size according to one’s needs. The board is made of melamine, a material that is resistant to moisture and easy to clean and maintain. It includes an extensible sheet that is stored under the table when not in use. The Vangsta table measures 80 cm in length but can be 120 cm long.

  • Ingatorp table

Ingatorp is a round extendable dining table that facilitates communication between diners. It is a classic model with turned legs that suit most environments and styles.

The extendable table can be easily opened by one person. Besides, it is treated with a clear varnish that makes the surface easy to clean. It fits 4 or 6 people.

  • Tarsele table

Tarsele is a dining table for 6 or 8 people. It has an adaptable extension board. It is made of oak veneer, a strong and durable material that has natural color variations. The use of wood minimizes the use of fossil and non-renewable materials.

The Tarsele table is one of the most durable and resistant Ikea extendable tables. So, expect it lasts for long.

  • Nordviken table

Nordviken is a large solid wood dining table with a traditional and family-friendly design. Due to its resistant structure and simple extension mechanism, it can withstand hard use.

  • Glivarp table

The glivarp glass table is perfect for the dining room and kitchen. The glass top made of tempered glass allows light to pass through, giving it a chique appearance. It is stain-resistant and easy to clean.

The Glivarp table has a capacity for 2 or 4 people, it is not very heavy and can be easily stretched.


Advantages and disadvantages of the extendable dining room tables

The most important benefit is that you can maximize the space in the rooms. This means that you have a table for small spaces that gets bigger to fit more guests.

That being said, you can adjust the size the way you want when having parties, gatherings, and special occasions. By maximizing the available space, you can really make the most of the space you have.

An extendable table is compatible with a wealth of home decoration styles. Additionally, it is easy to find online. They are available in a slew of designs and sizes, so you have several options to choose from. From glass and metal to marble and wood folding table designs, they are manufactured for kitchens, patios, and dining rooms.

As they are extendable and foldable tables, you can use them indoors and outdoors. For example, if your children want to have dinner in the living room, you can move it there seamlessly.


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If we look at the disadvantages, an extendable dining room table makes it difficult to fit a larger number of diners. Further, you have to measure up your living room to pick the right table size. This furniture depends too much on the available space and the number of people at home.

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