7 Stunning Garden Decor Ideas

When was the last time you expressed yourself?

Any room in your home can become a canvas, but what if your canvas was the great outdoors? So many homeowners have come to embrace their home garden as a place to practice creativity. After all, the garden is the first thing visitors see when they pass by your home – and, often, the image they remember!

A lot of us concentrate on the aesthetics of our garden space while not looking out for functionalities. It should be pointed out that in some areas of the garden, both form and function can play a crucial role.

For example, installing trench grates can help your garden look not only beautiful but also take care of drainage. It can provide a great outlet for rainwater to get successfully drained without causing major damage to your plants, flowers, and other beautification objects.

Not everyone is a topiary superstar, and you don’t have to be! Even the most classic garden can be spruced up with a garden decoration or two! From classic gnomes to outdoor wall art, there are pre-fab options for every budget and aesthetic!

How does your garden grow? Read on for some ideas about how to style your outdoor space with artificial lawn and garden decoration!


1. The Classic Gnome

Some of the best garden decoration ideas are classics! Clay gnomes began appearing in gardens in Germany as early as the seventeenth century. From there, these magical little men began to migrate, making their way to England, and then the wider world.

The first mass-produced garden gnomes were also produced in Germany, but they vanished for a while during the war. It wouldn’t be until the 1960s that the Gnomes popped back up on the scene. They became plastic and affordable but lacked some personality.

Today, companies make a variety of clay and resin gnomes in a variety of sizes and poses. These classic garden companions are the perfect, classic touch to your home garden decor! After all, how can you go wrong with a magical creature watching over your plants and flowers?


7 Beautiful Garden Decoration Ideas


2. Wooden Garden Bridges

Why not decorate your garden by turning it into a tiny world? Sure, these bridges are not traditionally functional, but they add a touch of whimsy to the outdoor space. They’re particularly charming and placed over a backyard pond or stream.

You can even buy a functional bridge! You can buy a flat-packed bridge online without spending much money at all. On average, these small bridges span about five feet and make a wonderful alternative to a backyard deck.


7 Beautiful Garden Decoration Ideas to Inspire You


3. The Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens have increased in popularity in recent years. It’s unclear why, as stories about visiting fairy guests span back thousands of years. Some traditions are timeless, and the tiny fairy garden is one of them!

Incorporating elements of the fairy garden or “cottage-core” aesthetic can be as simple as acquiring fairy doors to place on your trees. These charming little doors – which lead nowhere, but look as if they might open onto fairyland – are said to provide passage for magical little friends!

You can build a small fairy garden with something as simple as a planter or bucket. Little houses, fences, tables, chairs, and figurines can be purchased in garden stores or online. You can spruce your tiny world up with rocks, succulent plants, twigs, and more.

Fairy gardens are popular with children, who engage in old-fashioned “small world” play when they encounter these tiny outdoor spaces. Be wary, however! You have to love to buy garden decorations because maintaining these little gardens can become addictive!


7 Beautiful Garden Decoration Ideas


4. Outdoor Wall Art

We take the time to buy art for the inside of our homes. Why not take the same care when choosing art for the outdoors?

There is plenty of art that is intended to withstand the elements. In fact, there is outdoor metal wall art for almost every aesthetic. These pieces add a beautiful pop of style to garden walls, the outside of sheds, house siding, and more.

Much outdoor wall art takes on an organic form. Suns and moons, flowers, and trees are popular. Recently, there has been an influx of square or rectangular metal sculptures, made to resemble a three-dimensional paintings. The composition sits within a metal frame and can be hung gallery-style around your outdoor space.


7 Beautiful Garden Decoration Ideas to Inspire You


5. Birdhouses and Feeders

We’ve all covered a toilet paper tube in peanut butter and rolled it in birdseed. Bird feeders have come a long way from the preschool classroom, however! These days you can find many attractive feeders and houses that both you and the local birds will love!

Birdhouses and bird feeders can easily double as decor when chosen with aesthetics in mind. Imagine a tiny gazebo suspended from your tree! You can find feeders that resemble lanterns, which add an air of celebration to your everyday garden decor.


7 Beautiful Garden Decoration Ideas


6. Practical Garden Decoration

Do you use your garden to grow vegetables? If so, you might be interested in something a little more practical. A great place to start is with decorative garden markers!

You can purchase reusable garden markers online or at any garden store. These charming garden additions can help you keep track of all of the delicious things that you are growing. Because they are reusable, they are eco-friendly, too!

Imagine a little galvanized metal radish marking off your row of carefully planted seeds! Who said you can’t be practical and creative?


7 Beautiful Garden Decoration Ideas to Inspire You


7. Windchimes

Why not address all of the senses when decorating your garden? A set of windchimes can do a lot for the ambiance of your outdoor space. If you meditate you already know the value of ambient sound – and if you don’t, you might want to start!

Windchimes are both attractive and nice to listen to. Best of all, there is a set of chimes to fit every style. From colorful chimes that look like they belong in the MoMA, to classic, all-natural hollow chimes, there is a style for you!


Best Wind Chimes 650x433 1 garden decoration


How Does Your Garden Grow?

Your garden is a large and visible part of your home. If you wouldn’t leave your living room unadorned, why ignore your garden? There is a garden decoration for every sensibility, and each piece is as unique as the garner who chooses it!

Not quite ready to start decorating? Need a few more ideas? Check out the rest of the blog for more inspiring articles that can help you spruce up your spruce!

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