3 Green DIY Ideas for Your Study Room

Going eco-friendly doesn’t only save you from thousands of toxins that you are constantly exposed to, but it also improves your focus and mood. When you are hell-bent on reducing your carbon footprint and helping the environment, it is best to start with your own space.

Study room decor is something almost every student loves, as it adds a fresh vibe to your room and boosts your creativity. So, if you are thinking of taking a break from the monotony of your daily routine and spending some time in a fun yet productive activity, here are some cool and easy green DIY ideas for your study room. 


3 Eco-Friendly DIY Ideas to Revamp Your Study Room

The time crunch is one of the main problems that the majority of students face. Even if you eagerly want to redo your study space, you probably aren’t getting enough time.

Now that you have figured out how to balance study, assignments, and a little recreational escapade, jump on to the DIY ideas for your study space below.

1. Tin Can Reading Lamp

A customized reading lamp is every student’s dream. Everyone prefers different lighting for reading. The choice of color and temperature depends upon the time of the day, your mood, and your level of comfort. 

The basic things you would need for this DIY are:

  • Two tin cans (should be large enough to hold the bulb of your choice)
  • One 24” gooseneck pipe
  • A toggle switch 
  • One socket
  • Electric wire and plug
  • Two female connectors
  • One heavy base

When it comes to the light source, the best bet is a smart bulb. Smart bulbs are quite affordable and have various lighting settings that you can easily operate from your smartphone. So, you can choose a bright white light for focused studying or dimmer the light for night reading. Follow this guide here to make your own reading lamp from waste cans.


3 Green DIY Ideas for Your Study Room


2. Rope Basket

A rope basket is a cool and functional addition to your study room. And the best part is it is very easy and fun to create. All you need is a coil of sisal or jute rope, a glue gun, and some extra glue sticks. 

Now, here’s what you need to do:

  • Wrap the rope into a coil and stick it together with glue;
  • Keep coiling until you reach your desired width;
  • Now coil the rope on top of the last ring to start building the walls of your basket;
  • Repeat the process to the desired height.

And voila! Your basket is ready.

You can put this basket beside your study table and use it to store your stationery, such as chart sheets, art and craft items, etc. 


3 Green DIY Ideas for Your Study Room


3. Wall Shelves Made of Books

If you have some old hardcover books that you no longer need, you can very well use them to build unique shelves. For this DIY, you would need some old hardcover books, shelf brackets, mounting screws, a metal plate, a slim magnet, and a screwdriver. 

Determine the position of the shelves in your study room, and follow these steps:

  • Install two shelf brackets for each shelf onto the wall;
  • Place a metal plate over the brackets and fix it;
  • Now, glue the magnet on the inner side of the book cover;
  • Place the magnetic side of the book beneath the metal plate, and adjust the rest of the book above the plate. 

The magnet will keep the book cover adhered to the metal plate, and the shelf bracket won’t be visible this way. Also, the metal plate would give your shelf the strength to hold heavy items. Now use this shelf to store more books, or you can put some small plants on it. 


3 Green DIY Ideas for Your Study RoomAMAZON/UMBRA


Wrapping Up

You will definitely enjoy the above DIY ideas and love the results. You can also put some small indoor plants on and beside your table to add some freshness. Another effective way to enhance the look and feel of your study room is to add a vision board (a simple pinboard would work too). 

You can borrow some more ideas from your art and craft classes. For example, you can upcycle a cardboard box to store documents, or you can create a fancy pen stand from empty toilet paper tubes or tin cans. 

The idea is to make your study room more comfortable and refreshing. So, use your creativity and give your space a personalized touch with these easy green DIYs.


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