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How You Can Use The Ikea Home Planner to Style Your Kitchen and Rooms

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The IKEA home planner is a downloadable program in which you design and customize your kitchen and rooms. There are 3 Ikea planner versions based on the type of furniture. There are Ikea versions for bedrooms, kitchens, and offices.

This IKEA kitchen planner is downloaded in the form of an executable file that is compatible with Windows. So, you will need a PC with Windows XP or higher.

Once the software is installed, the kitchen program takes about 38Mb on your hard disk.

The work process with the Home Planner consists of several steps, which you can perform through the upper icons that are on the left, right, and in the top menu «View». These are the options the program shows:

  • Room design
  • Furniture
  • 3D view
  • List of products
  • Link to the IKEA website


Ikea home planner ikea kitchen planner
Image Credit: YouTube/HousePrep


This is how you can use the Ikea home planner

Step 1. (Room design)

First, define the width, length, and height of your room. You have several options in a drop-down tab to put the walls orthogonal to each other. After that, choose some basic elements such as doors, windows, dividing walls or similar partitioning elements, and heating radiators.

Add the elements by dragging them to the floor of a room. You can also adjust the dimensions by tapping on the menu boxes on the left of the screen.


ikea room planner, ikea planners
Image credit: YouTube/HousePrep


Step 2. (Furniture)

This is the most important phase of the process. Here, you select the furniture to equip the kitchen. A help text on the left tells you how to perform some basic operations like deleting and rotating, while at the bottom, you see various sections to choose the piece of furniture you want. Once any of these «items» has been selected, the image of the item is shown on the right.


Ikea home planner ikea kitchen planner
Furniture- Image credit: YouTube/HousePrep


Some Ikea planners, especially those that are old, do not display any “freestanding kitchens”, and other elements like sinks and vitroceramic/gas cooktops. These elements are in the left menu, in “cabinet settings”. Do not forget that if you already have an appliance (washing machine, refrigerator …), it is easier for you to drag it and resize it.

Many of these items are automatically added once the first piece of furniture has been configured. Some items like handles and countertops are added on the spot.

When dragging an element from the lower window to the base floor, consider that by default, the program places it against the wall, and will always try to combine it with another object by inserting it next to it or in the place the program ‘thinks’ it best fits. You can prevent this from happening by holding down “Ctrl”. Ikea does it through a feature called ‘magnets’.

The greatest advantage of the magnets (the feature Ikea to pair off items) is that the inserted furniture acquires the properties of the one that is in the room, and this will be reflected in the tabs on the left. The software will also warn us of various aspects to take into consideration in the design, such as the case of a tap placed in front of a casement window.

You can go backward or forward anytime in the process. If you forgot to put a door in step 1, there is no problem in going to the room design button and then returning to that task. It is highly recommended to save the work as you advance.

Step 3. (3D view)

This phase helps with the three dimensions of the items you’ve selected. It gives you an idea of how your kitchen will look.

The 3D view is very intuitive; you only need OpenGL or DirectX. The Ikea 3D view allows you to have a scale view of the entire set, play with different points of view, and even activate or deactivate (cube icons) furniture fronts. This is a very practical option to find out more about the furniture you are using.


ikea kitchen planner, ikea room planner
3D view Ikea – Image source: YouTube/HousePrep


Step 4. (Product list)

The Ikea room planner displays a list of all the furniture and accessories in different columns. These columns are schematic drawings, product numbers, descriptions, quantities, and prices.


capture 20211119 152015 Ikea home planner
Products – Image credit: YouTube/HousePrep


Wrap-up – Is Ikea Home Planner any good?

It is possible to print the progress of any of these phases. In steps 1 and 2, it is even possible to draw a dimensioned plan. In 3D view, you will get a list of the furniture with the prices and total price.

IKEA Home Planner is an approximation of the design ideas you have for your home. When designing with Ikea or at Ikea online, it is advisable to create several files, each one with a different idea, and then, once you’re done with the object distribution, test different finishes and textures that adjust your budget.



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