Online Interior Design: Apps and Tools to Decorate Your Home

Have you recently moved into a new home? Do you have an outdated business that needs some love? Maybe you are just craving a unique style or any style.

Decorating your home to look fantastic and functional can be pretty challenging amid everyday responsibilities. Have you been curious how you could transform your home into a swoon-worthy retreat?

This article will show you the best apps and tools to use for online interior design, so you can begin planning today!


Online Interior Design Apps

Not everyone can be a natural-born interior designer, but for everyone else, there’s an app!

Let’s take a look at some of the best apps you can use to start designing your dream space.


Pinterest has a wealth of interior design goodness on it, and it’s all for free. You can quickly scroll through and save your favorite designs or color schemes.

Once you have saved your favorites, look at them to see what common elements keep appearing. You may be surprised to see what styles you like better.

Planner 5D

With its stunning 3D images, you can easily create rooms as complex or straightforward as you would like. You can move floor plans, add windows and stairs, and move the furniture around.

This app even allows you to create landscaping and add a pool.


Roomstyler is such a fantastic app because it is loaded with more than 120,000 brand-name decor items to use in your designs. Once you complete your plan, you can easily shop for your favorite decor pieces and ship them to your real-life home or business.

This app is another easy one to use and has tutorial videos for all the different tools.

Design a Room

Have you ever wanted an app where you could choose a particular design style? You can pick any room in your home, choose a type of style like contemporary interior design, and play around with materials, textures, and finishes.

This app even lets you choose paint colors from Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and PPG.


Online Interior Design


Give Your Business Special Treatment Before Designing

Before you commit to a new design for your business and start taking action, we recommend hiring commercial cleaners for all of your cleaning services. They are local to the Dallas area and are skilled in cleaning any business setting.

If you are planning how to design a business, don’t forget about the bathrooms. They are often forgotten about but can say a lot about how clean or dirty your business is.

Prestige Janitorial offers professional commercial bathroom cleaners ready to make your area sparkle. Before or after you have redesigned the space, you can count on them to help.

Become a Pro in No Time

Using online interior design apps will help you greatly in designing your dream home or business. There are many free and paid apps and software tools out there to make your design dreams a reality.

If you would like to see more helpful articles for your home, be sure to visit our blog for all the latest home design information.

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