40+ Elegant Christmas Mantel Decor Ideas

It’s time to bring the magic of Christmas to your home yet again. Elevate your decor game this holiday with these stunning Christmas mantel decor ideas.

There’s snow place like home. The mantel is the focal point of the living room and this makes it the perfect place to ravish with festive cheer.

There are endless ways to decorate the mantel during the holidays. The most common decoration used for the mantel is a garland, which is often accompanied by pinecones, baubles, ribbons, LED lights, and other ornaments.

One of the best things about decorating for Christmas is that there are no set-in-stone rules. You can decorate a space that feels festive and still reflects your individual style.

Christmas Mantel Decor


Are you planning on going big this year or keeping it simple? All you need is the right inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

We’ve scoured the web to curate 40+ eye-catchy and elegant Christmas mantel decor ideas to help kickstart your journey.

Whether you’re looking for something bold and dramatic, or muted and minimal, you will find ideas here to fulfill your aesthetic predilections and complement the style of your home.

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1. Modern Chic Christmas Mantel

To achieve a lush and contemporary look, skip heavy garlands and excessive decorations. If you cannot find a faux garland with the aesthetics you want, consider creating one.



2. Refined Cozy Mantel Decor

Fireplaces add warmth to a space that can feel rejuvenating on cold winter days. Create a warmer ambiance and make it extra cozy for the holidays by adding some candles. Use wool stockings and incorporate wood or wicker in your decor.

061A4139 scaled Christmas Mantel DecorPHOTO:  CHRIS LOVES JULIA


3. Classic Christmas Mantel Decor

Go the classic route with the green and red Christmas color scheme. Use traditional festive mantel decor such as garland, pinecones, ribbon, stockings, and cow bells.

bgybby scaled Christmas Mantel DecorPHOTO: THE TURQUOISE HOME


4. Simple Christmas Mantel Decor

Keep simple and classy! A lush prelit evergreen garland can make quite the statement.

If you have an extravagant Christmas tree or decorations in your living, it may be best to keep the mantel decor minimal to avoid overwhelming the room. Let the attention be drawn towards Christmas.

nijnij Christmas Mantel DecorPHOTO: THE LILYPAD COTTAGE


5.  Garland and Fur Stocking

Opt for a textured faux fur Christmas stocking to create a cozy atmosphere. We absolutely love the laid-back look in this Christmas living room inspo!

dsdsda Christmas Mantel DecorPHOTO: INTERIORS BY SARAH LANGTRY


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6. Garland and Cow Bells

Brass-colored steel bells are commonly used for Christmas decorations. You can use these to create eye-catching dynamics in your festive mantel decor.

266717192 4375770202534121 1824648397046669677 n Christmas Mantel DecorPHOTO: THE DAILY NEST


7. Country-Side Home Holiday Mantel Decor

For a country-style home interior, consider keeping it fresh and elegant. Use natural hues and embrace the less is more approach.



8. Pre-Lit Frosted Garland and  Mirror-Hunged Wreath

What is better than a garland for your mantel decor? A pre-lit garland with a tinge of frost! There are many ways to make a simple garland appealing. Plus, the wreath above the mantel adds a layer of interest to it.


10 1 Christmas Mantel DecorPHOTO: CAMILLE STYLES


9. Modern Farmhouse Festive Mantel

This festive look is perfect for a modern farmhouse living room. Your Christmas decor for this interior style should be cozy, and relaxing. Plus, it should communicate simplicity, modernity, and rusticity to the eyes.

Screenshot 2023 11 09 at 09.47.22 Christmas Mantel DecorPHOTO: THE LILYPAD COTTAGE


10. Festive Mantel with Gold-Coloured Ornaments

Gold accents add opulence and a luxurious touch to a space. If your existing living room has metallic gold accents, consider using decorations with the same hue.

Screenshot 2023 11 09 at 10.04.35 e1699524349497 Christmas Mantel DecorPHOTO: ANTHROPOLOGIE/ INSTAGRAM


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11. Mix-Match Mantel Garland

Combine and layer different styles of garlands to make the room feel expertly tailored.

IMG 4939 Christmas Mantel DecorPHOTO: KIRA_TURNER/ INSTAGRAM


12. Christmas Mantel With Flocked Garland

Flocked garlands and Christmas trees give a snowy effect. If you working with a DIY garland, instead of a pre-decorated one, you can purchase a can of snow spray to achieve that snowy appearance.

xmas fireplace 3 2019 scaled 1 scaled Christmas Mantel DecorPHOTO: ALMAFIED


13. Nature-Inspired Christmas Mantel

Go with the flow of your home! If you have a rustic-style home, pick out nature-inspired decorations and earthy colors for your Christmas mantel decoration.

Some of these natural ornaments are traditional garland, wooden bead garland, pinecones, and wood.



14. Soft Pink Mantel Decor

Do something groovy! Incorporate your personal touches and creativity with an unconventional color scheme.

bjhbhj Christmas Mantel DecorPHOTO: WELCH HOUSE 1900


15. Glamorous Christmas Mantel Decor

Go all the way this Christmas! Minimalism isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you’re a maximalist, make a bold and impactful statement on your mantle, but keep it elegant!

bh hhb scaled Christmas Mantel DecorPHOTO: BALSAM HILL


16. Festive Decor on Brick-Style Mantel

If you have a brick-style mantle or TV wall and wondering how you can style it for Christmas, this may be the perfect inspiration for you.

Full Fireplace Mantel Garland Tutorial scaled Christmas Mantel DecorPHOTO: KELLEYNAN


17. Simply White Christmas Mantel Decor

For a bold-coloured mantle or just a simplistic look, consider singing just white ornaments. A generous dose of white decorations adds a new and refreshing quality to a room.



18. Christmas Garland with Red Berries

Red berries add character to a Christmas garland. A bountiful cluster of rich crimson berries even works great as a garland on its own. It is a great home in lend add a splash of festive red hue to your space.

IMG 4937 e1699515774506 Christmas Mantel DecorPHOTO: CRATEANDBARREL/ INSTAGRAM


19. Minimalist Christmas Mantel Decor

The minimalist approach may be best for most mantles during Christmas to reduce the risk of decorations getting too close to the fire.

It is also best to keep things simple if the Christmas tree is placed next to it to avoid overwhelming the space. Using just a few decorations doesn’t have to be boring, look for clever ways to make the simplicity visually appealing.

nbhbjh Christmas Mantel DecorPHOTO: STEFANA SILBER


20. Moody and Cozy Christmas Mantel Decor

moody interior is an intriguing atmosphere that exudes coziness and warmth. If you have or want to create a moody space for winter, this decor inspiration may be just what you need. 

hbhbhb Christmas Mantel DecorPHOTO: MADE BY CALI


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21. Snowy Pine Cone and Cozy Knit Stocking

Add charm a coziness to your living room by using a giant snowy pine cone and some skit stockings. Add candles on top of the mantel for an extra layer of warmth.

hbjhbhjb Christmas Mantel DecorPHOTO: THE LILYPAD COTTAGE


22. Fresh Evergreen Garland

Consider swapping out your faux garland for a fresh one. A fresh evergreen garland is beautiful, versatile, and easy to use. It is a simple way to elevate your home and add some festive cheer to it.

HB. H B Christmas Mantel DecorPHOTO: ROOM FOR TUESDAY


23. Holiday Mantel Decor Against Black Wall

If you’re looking for an elegant Christmas mantle decor idea that will complement a black mantel or wall, this inspo may be just right for you. A flocked garland and bright white decor will be ideal for brightening up spaces like this.

Christmashometour2020craftberrybush 1 16 Christmas Mantel DecorPHOTO: CRAFT BERRY BUSH


24. Antique Christmas Mantel Decor

Investing in antique decor is more sustainable than buying new ones. Antiques also bring character to a space like nothing else.

sdaswd Christmas Mantel DecorPHOTO: MUSTARD SEED INTERIORS


25. Red Velvet Ribbon Garland Decor

Velvet ribbon is commonly used for decorating, especially during the holiday season. It can be used to add a pop of color to your mantle garland, Christmas tree, and swag.

christmas decorations real flocked tree 1 Christmas Mantel DecorPHOTO: RACHEL PARCELL


26. A Pop of Red and Blue

There are many Christmas color scheme ideas other than the classic gold, green, and red. Consider incorporating a color in your existing scheme into your Christmas mantle decor.

Christmas Mantel DecorPHOTO: ASHA MAÍA DESIGN


27. Handmade Christmas Garland

There are a wide array of Christmas garlands available online and in your local retail store but it can be difficult to find the perfect one.

Plus, the pre-decorated garlands and wreaths are quite expensive. If you want to save yourself some money and create a one-of-a-kind garland for your mantle, consider making your own.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make a Christmas garland for a mantel like a pro.

ytgttgy Christmas Mantel DecorPHOTO: INSPIRED BY CHARM


28. Studio McGee Christmas Mantel Decor

A design firm known for creating elegant and refreshing spaces, the McGee’s are exemplary experts to draw inspiration from. Want to learn how to decorate like Studio McGee?  Check out these 52 Best Studio McGee Christmas Decorations



29. Oversized Faux Garland and Swag

An easy way to make a big statement is to go for a voluminous garland. Adding some swag to it can make it appear larger. This way, the Christmas mantle decor will easily draw the eye and make a real style statement.



30. Asymmetric Christmas Mantel

When it comes to home, decor, an asymmetrically arranged mantel decor creates visual interest and a sense of movement. Read here to learn how to create an asymmetrical Christmas mantel.

HBHG Christmas Mantel DecorPHOTO: I SPY DIY

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31. Dramatic Two-Toned Christmas Garland

Opt for a garland that radiates elegance and a sense of drama. To make an even bigger statement, consider using a two-toned garland.

Screenshot 2023 11 08 at 20.30.14 Christmas Mantel DecorPHOTO: CRACK_THE_SHUTTERS/INSTAGRAM


32. Christmas Wreath Above Garland

Another way to add visual interest and festive cheer to your living room is to hang a wreath above the mantle.

hbjbh 1 Christmas Mantel Decor


32. Dried Orange Christmas Garland

Add personal touches to your Christmas mantle decor by creating something sweet, like a dried orange garland. Plus, holiday-themed DIYs are a creative way to save money on décor.

LindsaySalazar 15 blog copy Christmas Mantel DecorPHOTO: HOUSE OF JADE INTERIORS


34. Mantel Garland with Metallic Baubles

Baubles are common ornaments used for decorating mantle garlands. It looks particularly striking when the garland baubles complement the ones on your Christmas tree. You may also add some baubles to elevate your front door wreath.

bnjhbjhbbh Christmas Mantel Decor


35. Garland with Dried Leaves and Pinecones

Dried and preserved plant materials are making a huge comeback in contemporary and rustic home decor. The rusty brown color on this mantle garland makes the space more appealing.

rusticrefinedmantlelibrary 3700 Christmas Mantel DecorPHOTO: DEEPLY SOUTHERN HOME


36. Garland with Frosted Red Berries

Another way to incorporate berries into your garland is to utilize frosted ones. This adds a delicate and subtly striking touch to your space.

9be1e8a01992a34f9b1e1652003f4f7f Christmas Mantel DecorPHOTO: RACHEL PARCELL


37. Christmas Mantel with Beaded Garland

A beaded garland is a fantastic way to add elegance and some textural touches to the Christmas mantel decor.

holiday living room blue and metallics 36 Christmas Mantel DecorPHOTO: REMINGTON AVENUE

38. Rustic-Style Christmas Mantel Decor

The rustic design emphasizes raw, natural beauty. It takes materials from nature to add, texture, charm, and visual interest to a space. A festive mantle decor with this type of style makes use of earthly colors and materials like plants, wood, stone, and others.

DF0269B9 C179 4CC6 A6BC 899D0DD6C312 1536x2048 1 scaled Christmas Mantel DecorPHOTO: HANEENS HAVEN


39. Contemporary Christmas Mantel Decor

Clean, streamlined, and refreshing are the characteristics are a contemporary home. To decorate a mantle in this space, incorporating rich materials, neutral hues, and elegant Christmas ornaments.



40. Christmas Mantel with Classic Scheme

Red, green, and gold is the classic color scheme associated with Christmas. Hence, they are very impactful when used in any Christmas decorating project.

DIY Christmas Bells9 1 of 1 1365x2048 1 scaled Christmas Mantel DecorPHOTO: THE INSPIRED WORKSHOP


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41. Festive Mantel Decor with Candles

Candles add warmth and coziness to a space. However, they should be used with care and not placed too close to anything flammable. A beautifully designed candle stand can a visual appeal to your mantel.



42. Traditional Farmhouse Christmas Mantel Decor

Embrace a classic farmhouse-style mantel decor that is chockful of festive flair. This is a style that’s natural, homey, rough, aged, and possibly a little distressed.

5609d27c06b5033919f363949633b789 scaled Christmas Mantel DecorPHOTO: WILD PRAIRIE


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