Kajaria Tiles Price: A Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for the kajaria tiles price? You are in the right place to get the most accurate details.

These tiles are diverse and can be customized. They come in a variety of sizes and designs. Whatever the design you pick, it will always look nice, and gorgeous, and fits your home décor style.

At the moment of searching for the kajaria tiles price, bear in mind that the price will depend on the features and colors. Most of these tiles are durable and designed to last, so don’t worry about finding low-quality and poor slabs.

Something that determines the kajaria tiles price is the maintenance, as they don’t require too much cleaning. Kajaria tiles price will also vary on the types of tiles you are looking for. Are you planning to clad your kitchen walls or floors with these tiles? Then, the price will not be the same as the price of the kajaria tiles for bathrooms.

Either case, they are very modern and sophisticated.


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What’s the kajaria tiles price?

Kajaria tiles

There are many types of kajaria tiles. One of them is Satin finis, which is easy to clean as the majority of kajaria tiles. If you are on the lookout for kajaria tiles price to renovate your kitchen or bathroom, this can be a good option. Now, talking about sizes, we find that these are the sizes available in most online stores:

  • 100×200 cm
  • 120×180 cm
  • 29×180 cm
  • 120×120 cm
  • 80×160 cm
  • 80×120 cm
  • 60×120 cm
  • 20×120 cm
  • 100×100 cm
  • 80×80 cm
  • 40×80 cm
  • 13×80 cm
  • 60×60 cm
  • 30×60 cm
  • 15×60 cm
  • 40×40 cm
  • 30×30 cm

Where to find kajaria tiles

If you navigate a little bit on the internet, you will realize that most Kajaria tile companies are Indian and Asian, and prices are in another currency. This does not mean kajaria tiles cannot be found in Europe or UK, but it is tad difficult. If you want to learn more about the kajaria tiles price, sites like indianmart can help. In those sites, the Kajaria tiles price can vary from 30 to 40 euro per mt2. Now, if you are looking for a kajaria tiles price list 2022, you will find the prices, but not only in dollars or euros.

Whatever the case, focus on the greatest manufacturers and dealers when inquiring about kajaira tiles price. Many companies have vitrified ceramic tiles in stock. You have plenty of options to choose from.

Kajaria tile categories

These are some of the kajaria tile categories that are sold like hotcakes:

  • Ceramic Floor/Wall Tiles
  • Vitrified Tiles Polished
  • Vitrified Glazed Tiles
  • Bathroom, Kitchen, Living Room, and Bedroom


Kajari tiles are also made of ceramic and porcelain. Let’s talk about the kajaria floor tiles 2×2 price per box. Do not get confused. The size of these tiles can be 2x2cm and 30x30cm. This material is one of the most sought-after on the market due to its impressive look.

Despite its size, you can use this kajaria tile for a wealth of applications. The slabs are available in an array of hues and finish to match one another.

How to choose the best Kajaria tiles

Knowing the kajaria tiles price may not be enough at the moment of purchasing. It is important to add that marble kajaria tiles are among the favorites for their longevity and toughness.

There are many options on the market besides Kajaria tiles. Asian Granito and Somary Ceramics are two leading brands.

Kajaria floor tiles price list 2022

This list displays the kajaria tiles price that most people look for on the internet. The following chart shows the features, type, length, and thickness of the pieces. The following chart collects data on kajaria floor tiles price list.

●  Gloss Kajaria Eternity Vitrified Tiles, which can be 12mm thick and 4×4 inches in width. The average price is $1.6/ Square Feet

●  You can also find vitrified double charge Kajaria. This tile is $0.75 /square feet and measures 60x60cm. Ideal for large surfaces.

●  Ceramic tiles, one of the most popular kajaria tiles, can be found at $0.43 each piece. These slabs are 10-12 mm in thick.

●  Kajaria bathroom tiles, which are often offered at $0.53 /square feet and Gloss K-6217 Kajaria Double Charge Tile at $10.45 per box.

And finally, Kajaria Wall Tiles at  $0.67/ Square Feet

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Kajaria ceramic tiles


Learning the features and tiles is vital when looking into kajaria tiles price. There are approximately 2500 varieties of kajaria tiles to choose from. Prices, as you can see, fluctuate depending on the size, type, features, and material. Vitrified til4es continue to be the best option for floors.

More importantly, each store has its own kajaria tiles price list. Be patient when doing your research.


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