50 Modern Two Colour Combination For Living Rooms

A well-thought-out color scheme can add eye-catching contrasts and depth to a space. Check out these 50 modern two colour combination for living rooms. 

A colour scheme is an essential aspect of interior design that can make or break the overall look of a space but choosing one is never an easy process.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing a contemporary living space that feels uniquely yours. After all, colour has a profound influence on the visual aesthetic and feel of the space.

Whether you prefer neutral and bold hues or warm and cool tones, the options are endless when it comes to selecting a colour palette for your living room. The relationship between various hues can be explored from the basic colour wheel.

Most times, it is easier to work with two colours than with multitudes as this can help create a more balanced look. This is often approached by choosing a base colour and then a complementary or contrasting accent colour to add a punch to it.

Are you looking for a colour scheme to give your space an impactful edge? These colour ideas can add lively sophistication to even the dullest of spaces.


50 Modern Two Colour Combination For Living Rooms


Here are 50 incredible modern two colour combination for living rooms.


1. Dark Blue and Sage Green

Blue and green complement each other beautifully, just like any other neighbouring hues on the colour wheel. Sage green is a muted shade of green that is taking interior design by storm in recent times. It pairs perfectly with dark blue.

50 Modern Two Colour Combination For Living RoomsPHOTO: SOHO HOME


2. Burgundy and Orange

Burgundy and orange complement each other so well because this colour scheme exhibits characteristics of a monochromatic room. The combination of burgundy and muted orange brings out the red undertones that add great warmth to the space.

50 Modern Two Colour Combination For Living RoomsPHOTO: HABITAT


3. Green and Bold Pink

Green and pink work so well because they balance each other out perfectly. This color combination is a classic that does not fall short in modern interior schemes. Green is a versatile hue that keeps the space earthy and soothing while bold pink adds a striking accent.

50 Modern Two Colour Combination For Living RoomsPHOTO: SARAH VAILE DESIGN


4. Green and Brown

This tried and tested combination never fails to please. Brown is a perfect complementary colour for green. They are both nature-inspired hues and will always work beautifully when paired together.

50 Modern Two Colour Combination For Living RoomsPHOTO: ETSY


5. Emerald Green and Blush Pink

Emerald green can revitalize and restore a modern space, fostering a sense of connection to nature and security. Emerald green doesn’t always need to be enigmatic and moody. Blush pink can add freshness and liveliness to this sophisticated hue.

50 Modern Two Colour Combination For Living RoomsPHOTO: MY BESPOKE ROOM


6. Bright Blue and Yellow

Although yellow and blue are a classic colour combination that works brilliantly, an unusual pairing, like ocher and bright blue, puts a contemporary spin to this traditional combo.

50 Modern Two Colour Combination For Living RoomsPHOTO: SABRINA CARDAR


7. Green and Coral

Coral and green go well together naturally since they are complementary colours. They both have the potential to be vivid and bright and are great for adding a dramatic impact to a space.

50 Modern Two Colour Combination For Living RoomsPHOTO: GETTY IMAGES


8. Blue and Brown

Blue and brown work well together in interior schemes. All tones of brown, especially dark chocolate brown, go well with any light shade of blue. Conversely, every light brown complements every shade of blue.

50 Modern Two Colour Combination For Living RoomsPHOTO: PINTEREST


9. Pink and Green

Pink and green is a common go-to for modern two colour combination for living rooms. It can fill your space with an air of spring-like freshness all year round.

50 Modern Two Colour Combination For Living RoomsPHOTO: ETSY


10. Pink and Blue

Pink goes well with blue to create an opulent look in the living room. The heat from the pink’s red colour warms the blue’s coolness. When pink is paired with blue, its rosy appearance is muted.

50 Modern Two Colour Combination For Living RoomsPHOTO: RACHEL WHITING


11. Emerald Green and Brown

The jewel-toned emerald green tends to look quite stylish and effortlessly chic when paired with brown.

50 Modern Two Colour Combination For Living RoomsPHOTO: ETSY


12. Red and Blue

Red and blue and two primary colours that can create a strong sense of style when paired together. They work well together when used in the same weight. It is a daring, eclectic, and impactful modern two colour combination for living rooms.

50 Modern Two Colour Combination For Living RoomsPHOTO: BJORN WALLANDER


13. Blue and Green

The colours blue and green work well together to create a relaxing and tranquil living room. Blue and green are a strong refreshing duo when paired.

50 Modern Two Colour Combination For Living RoomsPHOTO: STUDIO MCGEE


14. Light Blue and Pink

For a luxurious look, light blue is fabulous when combined with pink. Blue is a fantastic contrast colour for pink, both in terms of its aesthetic value and its gender-specific connotations.

50 Modern Two Colour Combination For Living RoomsPHOTO: 2GL STUDIO


15. Purple and Blue

Purple boosts creativity and uplifts the mood in interior design, especially when mixed with blue.

50 Modern Two Colour Combination For Living RoomsPHOTO: JOHN LEWIS


16. Grey and Light Blue

According to Vicki Foster, an interior designer at ScS, “Calming and understated in equal amounts, grey and light blue colour combination can make a living room feel more contemporary and clean cut, whereas darker shades (such as navy) blue give rooms more depth.”

50 Modern Two Colour Combination For Living RoomsPHOTO: COTSWORLD


17. Yellow and Orange

The yellow and orange color combination creates a vibrant, colorful aesthetics and provides a characterful touch of sophistication to a space.

50 Modern Two Colour Combination For Living RoomsPHOTO: JOHN LEWIS


18. White and Brown

It’s no news that white goes with just about every color. According to interior designers, most people prefer brown and white colour schemes to white and grey because brown is naturally warm. Pair any shade of brown paired with crisp white for a chic and modern look.

50 Modern Two Colour Combination For Living RoomsPHOTO: IDEAL HOME


19. Dark Blue and Raspberry Red

Dark blue and raspberry red is a classic and sophisticated colour combination. This pair may not appeal to everyone but it is a sure way to inject a strong sense of style and a dramatic flair in a modern living room.

50 Modern Two Colour Combination For Living RoomsPHOTO: JAKE CURTIS


20. Grey and Dark Blue

This colour combination simultaneously softens and illuminates a living room. For more impact, bring in the dark blues through wall paint and the grey through furniture, artwork, lampshades, or a rug. Or vice versa for a more subtle approach.

50 Modern Two Colour Combination For Living RoomsPHOTO: JOHN LEWIS


21. Red and Beige

Even though red is a daring choice for any living room, it looks warm and timeless when combined with beige. Beige is a neutral common in modern homes. It has the ability town down any vibrant hue.

50 Modern Two Colour Combination For Living RoomsPHOTO: SIMS HILDITCH


22. Tan and Beige

The beige and tan combo is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for modern two colour combination for living rooms that will blend with a woodsy, earthy mood and won’t feel stark or uninteresting.

50 Modern Two Colour Combination For Living RoomsPHOTO: DULUX


23. Blue and Lime Green

Lime green adds an abundance of vibrancy to interior spaces. Lime green also goes with blue but may be too daring for many.



24. Black and White

Monochromatic schemes are the most popular scheme for modern two colour combination for living rooms. Black and white are timeless hues. This two-tone colour scheme is one that interior designers frequently use to invigorate homes. Black and white have the advantage of being a versatile colour scheme that can look modern or classic depending on how it is styled.



25. Teal and Light Grey

Teal compliments grey perfectly as they can both have cool tones. Most grey hues go well with teal, which frequently reminds people of the ocean on a gloomy day. This colour scheme works better when teal is the accent colour and grey is the base colour.

Teal and Light GreyPHOTO: BRENT DARBY


25. Purple and Yellow

In interior design, the hues yellow and purple are often used together. It can create a balanced look that is full of character in a living room.

Purple and YellowPHOTO: DECORPAD


27. Grey and Yellow

Grey can reduce the brilliance of yellows, while yellows can liven up cool-toned greys, so they go nicely together in a  modern living room.

Grey and YellowPHOTO: SKONAHEM


28. Red and Yellow

Yellow in colour therapy evokes happiness. It is one of the most used accent colours for contemporary living rooms. The colour yellow is joyful, sunny, pleasant, and vibrant. It works great with red which is known to boost energy in a room.



29. Light Blue and Orange

Light blue and orange are two hues that demonstrate the adage that opposites attract since they work well together and invigorate a space.



30. Emerald Green and Mellon Yellow

The rich hues of Emeralds, which are more frequently associated with costly gemstones, are becoming more prominent in contemporary home design. When paired with melon yellow, it is a match made in interior design heaven.



31. Green and Orange

Green and orange go together like macaroni and cheese. Modern living a be chromatically enhanced and the senses stimulated by the use of green and orange. This work perfectly with muted green and any shade of orange.



32. Pink and Purple

Purple is a fusion of cool blue and fiery red, the colour of royalty and creativity. The colour can give the living room an exotic feel, especially when paired with pink.

Pink and PurplePHOTO: WAYFAIR


33. Red and Pink

Red and pink work well together to enhance a dull bland living spaces. They complement each other beautifully. To tone down the dramatic effect, add a bit of beige, white, or light blue.



34. Orange and Navy Blue

Orange was designed to go with blue because complementary colours sit opposite each other, especially navy blue, with the warmth of orange counterbalancing the coolness of the navy blue.

Orange and Navy Blue


35. Pink and Yellow

Pay no mind to the misconception that pink and yellow are for kids’ rooms. How you use these colours can have a huge impact on the mood you want to create. It may be tricky to execute but can convey a strong sense of style when done correctly.



36. Peacock Blue and Black

Most individuals don’t choose peacock blue as their initial living room colour, but that’s only because they aren’t aware of it.
Vivacious colours frequently go well with peacock blue. Because it looks great with bold neutrals like black, white, or beige.

Peacock Blue and BlackPHOTO: SOPHIE LLOYD


37. Orange and Beige

Given that it is a neutral colour, beige is versatile and simple to decorate with. Plus when paired with a bright orange hue, beige look fantastic instead of merely visually appealing.

Orange and BeigePHOTO: SOHO HOME


38. White and Beige

An excellent way to incorporate soft, neutral colours into your living room is to pair white with beige. Both hues are well-liked options for designing a minimalist contemporary living space.

White and BeigePHOTO: ALVHEM


39. Beige and Brown

A crowd-pleasing colour combination for modern living rooms is beige and brown. The hues are related since beige is merely a very light version of brown. When paired together, they create a monochromatic palette that feels both varied and lively.

Beige and BrownPHOTO: IKEA


40. Blue and Brown

Given that cool tones in blues complement the warmer tones present in wood furniture, brown and blue go well together.

Blue and BrownPHOTO: ALVHEM


41. Yellow and Beige

Beige is undoubtedly a warm colour, and yellow accents give it personality and a welcoming, cozy feeling of warmth.

Yellow and BeigePHOTO: HOME-D


42. Grey and Blush Pink

Grey and pink are a sophisticated modern two colour combination for living rooms. Grey tends to be somewhat cool, thus pink’s warmth is necessary to make the space feel warm and inviting.

Grey and Blush PinkPHOTO: IDEAL HOME


43. Brown and Dark Green

Due to their resemblance to colours found frequently in nature, brown and green make for an aesthetically pleasant pairing. The spectrum of colours and tones can be combined in an array of ways to create an effortlessly chic modern living room.

Brown and Dark GreenPHOTO: MELINA DIVANI


44. Yellow and Green

Just like brown and green, green and yellow also draws their inspiration from nature. This energizing pair, like those beautiful sunflowers on green branches, looks best in a setting that is bathed in lots of natural light.



45. Blue and Orange

Blue and orange are complementary hues because they sit opposite to each other on the colour wheel. The maximum level of contrast exists in complementary colours and this makes them more impactful.

Blue and OrangePHOTO: HOUZZ


46. Sage Green and Navy Blue

When combined with navy blue blues, a rich sage green can appear playful and soothing. Sage green conveys softer qualities like harmony, passion, and tranquillity, whereas navy blue conveys opposite emotions like self-importance and authority.

Sage Green and Navy BluePHOTO: HOUZZ


47. Yellow and White

When paired with beige and used in the right shades, yellow does not overwhelm a space. Yellow is cherished because of its happy, upbeat, and optimistic psychological effects, which inspire optimism for what’s to come.

Yellow and WhitePHOTO: ROSE UNIACKE 


48. Navy Blue and Grey

Navy blue and grey are like two peas in a pod because they can flow into one another so flawlessly that you can hardly tell where the border between them is in a colour scheme.

Navy Blue and GreyPHOTO: FUTURE PLC


49. Yellow & Dark Blue

The yellow and dark blue colour combination helps to break up the severity of the tone and fosters harmony. The right deep tone of blue can add steady neutrality to an environment, despite the fact that many believe that dark rooms can be unwelcoming.



50. Black and Beige

Black and blue are perfect for modern living rooms. Together, this dynamic pair strikes a balance between warm and cool tones to produce a visually appealing and welcoming design that will remain timeless.



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