Top 10 Most Followed Home Improvement Instagram Influencers

It’s a no-brainer that Instagram is one of the best places to find interior design inspirations and home improvement tips and tricks. The Instagram app has grown tremendously over the years because due to its authentic content shared by millions of peoples, exhibiting their best creative ideas to the world. Daily, more than a thousand pictures, videos, and stories are shared on this platform, which gives people numerous viewpoints and adds a new element to their lives.

Instagram acquires every bit of information about every aspect of the topic you are looking for because the list of exposure is infinite.  You can also communicate with influencers through chats or comments. Instagram helps you to create a strong relationship with a large audience and inspiration from home improvement Instagram influencers.


Home interior designing

Home is the closest and most precious thing in our lives that we own because it is our shelter, the place where our worries just go away and we can have a peaceful, enjoyable time with our loved ones. An essential thing in this scenario is how we can make our home more beautiful and comfortable. Designing the house according to your taste is one of the most challenging tasks ever; you want to get every bit of help to make it perfect.

How do home improvement ideas on Instagram influence you?

We all pretty much trust Instagram that the content is real and original because we can see it through several visual features. The home improvement Instagram influencers’ pages are beneficial for you while decorating your home. These influencers work hard to provide the best for all of their Instagram followers.

Their creativity levels are just phenomenal. Visiting their profiles and also contacting them will make your home improvement experience worthwhile. They just not only provide you with fantastic home renovation options but also make them more affordable and DIY for you if you are on a short budget. These Instagram home improvement influencers for sure have a positive influence on your home projects.

Top 10 most followed home improvement Instagram influencers

The best home improvement influencers are as follows:

1.    @mrkate

Followers: 924,000

Mr. Kate is the top home interior designer on Instagram. She has a following of a million on her profile. She is a brilliant home improvement designer who works with her husband, joey. They also have a YouTube channel with 3.6 million subscribed people. She is the best out there for home renovations with her creative ideas and unique layouts. The most appreciated thing about Mr. Kate that comes from all of her clients is that she puts our irregular thoughts into precisely the picture we want to have.


2.    @chrislovesjulia

Followers: 613,100

This profile page is owned by Julia, with more than 600,000 followers. She also runs a website for interior design. She is a great designer. Her style is to modify old-fashioned things into something new and modern according to the client’s perspective.


3.    @younghouselove (Sherry & John)

Followers: 349,700


They are a couple-owned channel with a pretty good follower number of 300,000. They pretty much share their plans, ideas, and how you save money while having the best plans for your home.


4.    @arrowsandbow (Ashley)

Followers: 583,500

Ashley is also an interior designer on Instagram with over 500,000 follower’s community. She is pretty good at her job. She also gives consultation to people about different things like the color scheme, furniture choices, etc. She helps her followers on Instagram to have the right image in their minds according to their plans.


5.    @thesorrygirls (Becky & Kelsey)

Followers: 232,000

They are interior designers with an Instagram community of more than 200,000. They also owned a YouTube channel with 2 million subscribers. Their ideas are pretty unique, and their styles are quite attractive and fun. They always catch people’s eyes with their funky creative outlooks.


6.    @jennykomenda

Followers: 252,000


She is a former interior designer and an author with more than 200,000 followers on Instagram. She is an influencer home renovator that can consult you on your home decorating ideas. Her style is basically to mix patterns for a classy and fun look.


7.    @Frills_and_drills (Lindsay)

Followers: 498,100

She is an Instagram home improvement influencer with a follower number of more than 400,000. She creates beautiful space in an airy and lightweight way. Her motive is to have a great interior design on a low budget.


8.    @blesserhouse (Lauren)

Followers: 100,600

Lauren is a home renovator on Instagram with a following of more than 100,000 people. Her style is very sleek. She loves thrifting for good home décor ideas. She also owns a blog with her husband, Robert, which is all about home improvements on a budget.


9.    @francois_et_moi (Erin)

Followers: 87,100

She is an excellent interior designer with more than 80,000 followers on Instagram. She is all about elegant vintage designs. DIY is also a major part of her style. Ting hacks, font designs, fresh color palettes make her ideas pop for our clients.


10. @yellowbrickhome (Kim & Scott)

Followers: 82,600

They owned an Instagram page with more than 80,000 followers. Their designs are about paint colors and ting details that make your house into a home. They are exquisite in their home renovation ideas.


How do these influencers benefit us?

These influencer pages will be a great deal of help for you in your home improvement journey. They not only provide you with numerous ideas according to your taste but also on your terms. Their DIYs allow you to decorate your home with your own hands to make it a little cozier for you. Their experience helps you to buy the right furniture and accessories of high quality at the right price. Because of these influencers’ working minds, they can make your home perspective a reality even if you are on a low budget.


This article has a piece of brief information on the best top home improvement influencers on Instagram. By following or visiting their Instagram profiles, you can have proper guidance on your home renovation journey. This will help you get better results with professional insight, making your house the beautiful home of your dreams. Having a home interior designer influencer on your side in the renovation is very profitable and fun.


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