How to Make Use of Corrugated Cardboard

A common sight you’ll see in the cardboard packaging industry is the standard cardboard box with a colorful label applied for different products. Boxes of different sizes and colors are available for packing various products.

You will also come across a wide variety of corrugated cardboard boxes, some of them made of Kraft paper, some others of paperboard, and many more. All these are custom-made boxes from printing companies that are used for different packaging applications. Here, we’ve put together what you need to know about corrugated cardboard and how to make use of it.


Corrugated Cardboard


Categories and Materials of Custom Boxes

There are two main categories of packaging materials. One is plastic packaging, and the other is blank cardboard box packaging with customized color, text, and logo of choice. These corrugated cardboard and plastic boxes are used almost in every facet and genre of consumer goods: Beauty, Cosmetics, Food and Beverage, Electronics, Apparel, Books, Office Supplies, and Home Goods.

Both of these packaging design types are made of high-quality materials that are available at a good price but do vary in terms of size, shape, thickness, weight, and price. For example, corrugated or cardboard packaging offers several advantages over paperboard packaging.

First of all, it’s possible to choose the type of corrugation used for your packaging. Corrugated boxes and packaging come in three common varieties. Boxes are available that are pre-designed and pre-printed with labels. Alternatively, one can go for a corrugated crate or box, or custom-made container. However, this all depends on your requirements and the specific product that you’re dealing with.

Customization of Plain Cardboard Boxes

Pre-printed cardboard boxes with pre-printed labels have a number of advantages. Firstly, you don’t need to make an effort to create interesting pre-roll packaging. You can simply order blank boxes with labels or custom-printed boxes and use the corrugator machine to create the blanks that best suit your product.

Moreover, you save a lot of time and money by creating the blanks yourself. In addition to this, it also makes sense to use corrugator machines that are capable of packing corrugated boxes and blanks with as few clicks of the mouse as possible.

The next type of packaging material is corrugated cardboard. This is perhaps the oldest and the most common material used in packaging. With this, you can definitely say that cardboard is here to stay. These boxes are available in two basic varieties – rectangular and half-rectangular. In addition, you can also avail of these boxes made of corrugated cardboard in different colors, shapes, and sizes.

Corrugated and Cardboard Boxes

On the other hand, corrugated boxes made of cardboard are much heavier than corrugated ones made of liners. So, if you are using a corrugated liner for packaging, make sure that the height of the corrugated liner matches the height of the cardboard.

Further, if the height of the liner and the cardboard is different, the chances of packaging the product in a flimsy manner are high. In addition to this, the thickness of the corrugated cardboard plays a very important role when you are using this material to ship your goods. You can choose from a wide range of thicknesses. You can even go for custom cigarette boxes made of corrugated material.

On the contrary, if you are looking for something more creative, you can always opt for custom corrugated cardboard and Kraft paper designs. You can choose from various styles including self-adhesive ones, which will require you to cut out the design yourself.

You can also go for the double-sided ones, which will help in providing protection against damage. Further, you can also get custom die-cuts if you want a unique design on corrugated cardboard or Kraft paper.

Place an Order Online for better Results

For further ideas, you can look online. The website will offer you free guidance, along with a wide range of corrugating and Kraft paper products. Apart from this, you can take a visit to your local stationery shop, and request assistance.

Many online businesses have expert professionals who can easily provide you with all the required help, including advice on corrugating and Kraft paper rolls. So, when you are thinking about packaging, make sure you choose from one of the best corrugating and Kraft paper roll makers.


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