Types of Wine Cellar Designs Perfect For Your Home and Business

A wine cellar’s basic purpose is to store and safeguard wine. However, a beautiful wine cellar adds up to the aesthetics of the establishment too. Yet, a wine cellar’s structure may vary based on the purpose of the cellar. Are they for a personal collection? Or are they for business i.e. in a restaurant or pub? So, it can be said that the types of wine cellar designs fall under two broad categories: home wine cellars, and business wine cellars.

Today, we will be talking about 6 designs of custom wine cellars, three of which are for wine cellars at home, and three of which are for wine rooms for business. Knowing these six designs will help you differentiate between the kinds in a better manner and thus help you make an informed choice.


Wine cellar designs for home


1 Acacia Brandon Types of Wine Cellar Designs


     1. Under-Stairs wine cellars

These make for the perfect use of the wasted space under the stairs. You can either incorporate custom wine cellars in here or have a small wine room with a door too. If you want the light to pass, opt for a glass door or if you want a spacious illusion, go for white walls. If you are in a dilemma, just contact a manufacturer of Wine Cellars in Houston. They will help you know which one will be better under the stairs of your Houston home.

     2. Spanish Style wine cellars

Add the perfect “bodega” to your home sweet home. Yeah, that’s what they call a wine cellar in Spain. If you are a lover of Spanish wine, you will know that they are a bold entry into Europe’s greatest red wines category. To complement them perfectly, go for dark brown wine racks on a beige background.  While designing a wine cellar at home in this fashion, you can also go for dark brown furniture as well.

    3. Industrial wine cellars

Although it sounds huge, it merely involves giving your home wine cellars an industrial look. For this, opting for wrought iron wine racks is very effective. It gives a steam-punk look that is vintage in style and provides a unique appearance.

Wine cellar structures for business 


270508 plat cellar Types of Wine Cellar Designs


       1.  Traditional Wine Room design

A wine shop looks certainly great and appealing when it has traditional custom wine cellars. For this, you can go for wooden wine racks and furniture. There are lots of racks to choose from, like waterfall racks, bin-style racks, stackable racks, and more. As for the wood, you can choose from All-Heart Redwood, Mahogany, Malaysian, White Oak, Premium Redwood, and more. You can make use of old barrels as well by turning them into tables or a counter.

      2. Modern Wine Room design

If you are a sommelier, it is natural to go for a more open wine cellar structure. You can choose from a lot of styles and finishes but since you want it modern, so metal wine racks or wrought iron wine racks can prove to be a great show.

     3. Contemporary wine room design

If you want a contemporary look, it is best to go for custom wine cellars with a metal finish. They provide both strength and appearance to the wine cellar. If you are wondering what kind of design to go for, there are many wine cellar manufacturers that provide great wine cellar designs along with effective suggestions. Just contact them and find out what will suit your requirements best.

These 6 types of sellers mentioned show to give you a better understanding when investing in a wine cellar for your home or business. Be it a wine cellar at home for aesthetics or functionality, or a wine room for business, contacting a wine cellar agency is the best way to get yourself perfectly suited to custom wine cellars.