Wood Fired Hot Tub: What It Is To Like To Have One

There are many people who enjoy a hot bath whenever they can and others who are lucky because they have a Jacuzzi in their homes. In any case, a wood fired hot tub will always be relaxing and feel good. Although it is not usually very suitable for people with low blood pressure, it is a fact that it can have positive effects on health.

A wood fired hot tub is a bathtub with an integrated pump system that expels pressurized water or air. It is intended to provide a relaxing and pleasant effect through massage, making a regular bath an experience worthy of a spa.

If are still unsure if you really want this item… This is the time for you to assess the benefits and start saving!


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Outdoor wood fired hot tub

Advantages of a wooden hot tub

Wooded hot tubs have a soothing power that relaxes muscles and joints, relieves headaches and backaches, activates blood circulation, and releases toxins. Having a bath in this tub also reduces mental fatigue, prepares the body to sleep well, opens the skin pores, and removes impurities. They help prevent effects such as anxiety, stress, physical, and muscular pain due to poor hygiene.

But they are also great to help strengthen family bonds and relationships in general. They are fun and splendid to chill out after a long day.


Below are some benefits:

Levels your blood pressure

Getting into a wood fired hot tub is very relaxing. Hot water increases blood flow, which makes your heart work harder and better and revitalizes your cells.


Plenty of models

When planning to get a wood fired hot tub, finding the ideal one can be relatively easy. You can find many models, sizes, and styles on the internet. Some include options that others don’t. Shop around to find the model you like and best suits your home.


Soothe muscle pain

It is well known that water is very therapeutic, but it can be more therapeutic in a wood fired hot tub. Besides that, combining massages with hot water in bathtubs helps relieve arthritis and chronic pain. A very good reason to buy one.


Reduce stress

We have all come home after a long day at work with so much stress on us. A good soak in a wood fired hot tub can be the solution to this. It will relax you and you can even meditate while you are in.


An amazing place to share with relatives and friends

Let’s be honest, in addition to the many benefits that these hot tubs may have, one of the most important things is that they are fun and strengthen bonds.


wood fired hot tub wooden hot tub


Wooden hot tubs have drawbacks. One of the disadvantages is that they are not as well insulated as their acrylic counterparts.

This can make it more difficult to keep the hot tube at the right temperature, making wood heating tubes more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient than a better-insulated option. You can opt for a thicker wood hot tube to solve this issue.


How they are manufactured

There are several types of wood used for these tubs. For luxury resorts, wooden bathtubs are made of teak. Teak is often used on boats not only for its general durability but also for its ability to withstand water exposure.


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Teak pile


Also, Alaskan yellow cedar is commonly used in the construction of wooden hot tubs. Cedar is popular for its particular value and durability. However, the Western Red cedar is the most popular choice.

Differences with other tubs

But, what makes a wood heated hot tub different? Most probably, the heating system. These hot tubs are eco-friendly and support sustainability.

As for the interior of the bathtub, it can seat six people and is built with heat-treated wood. In addition, most have an ozone system to purify water.


Wood-fired hot tub maintenance

If you use your hot tub regularly and keep it up to date, your wood fired hot tub should last at least 30 years. The lumber ensures it lasts longer. Painting the hot tub semi-annually (1-2 times a year) with linseed oil (externally only) and cleaning the inside of the tub with non-caustic soap with a brush gives the tub 15 more years of use.

Do not paint the hot tub or treat the parts inside. Normally, there is no need to clean or treat the bottom of the hot tub as the bottom rarely gets wet.


How to choose the best wood hot tub?

It is important to find a wood fired hot tub that is compatible with the type of bathroom you have in your house.

For small bathrooms, it is advisable to use rectangular wooded hot tubs, so that you will be taking better advantage of the corners and saving as much space as possible when walking in the washroom.

On the other hand, if you have enough space, pick a bigger model. Remember that the size of the wood fired hot tub tub is always related to the amount of water you will always use.

Additionally, the budget is decisive. Knowing exactly your spending limit can help you determine how much to invest in this accessory.


Hot tub prices

Keeping your budget in mind is an important part of any home renovation. Before purchasing a wood fired hot tub, look into the prices first.

Much of the cost includes the hot tube power source. Another consideration is the different sizes of hot tubes available.

The most expensive wooden hot tubs are gas-powered. These start at a baseline of about $4,000, but average prices can range from $5,000 to $10,000.

If you are looking for a cheaper model, electric wooden hot tubes start at $3,000, but many are usually between $4,500 and $9,000. The cheapest option is a wood-burning hot tub for around $2,500 to $5,000.



In the market, you can get this type of bathtub at different prices. There are cheaper models that come with simple functions and others more sophisticated that include extra elements. There are hot bathtubs that are adapted to every need, so there are many options to choose from.

A wood fired hot tob can be rectangular, oval, octagonal, and classic round.

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