7 Lighting Ideas to Enhance Your Decor

One of the most practical ways to redefine your interior and give it a new character is by adding a few more beautiful and practical light fixtures to the whole decor. The right lighting improves the overall aesthetics of your home more than you can ever imagine. A lot of homeowners in Atlanta end up investing in inadequate and inappropriate lighting. Don’t make the same mistake. If you are redesigning your home, this blog should be able to guide you in the right direction. Let there be light:


1. Think About Task Lighting

If you are a single mother or work-from-home dad, you have probably already thought about task lighting. You have also thought about where that light fixture is going to go. You have already picked out your study table and you know that one of your desks in your library could use a task light as well.

There are various types of lamps and fixtures available in the market today that are not only affordable but eco-friendly as well. They match your overall interior and color scheme seamlessly. Needless to mention, their light output is minimal on glare and maximum on softness. This is exactly what you need in your task light. You want everything to be well lit but not so much that it hurts your eyes.

2. Don’t Neglect Your Passageways

In several cultures across the world, people believe that your passageways are the route to your happiness, prosperity, and wealth. If your passageway is not properly lit, you are not able to invite positivity and hope into your home. It is advised not to go with harsh direct lights and fixtures in your doorways and passageways.

Go for subtle LED bulbs. You can also install traditional lamps in the four corners of your passageways, making them beautifully regal and appealing. Make sure to add a bit of texture to the walls by hanging your favorite family pictures, replicas of antiques, and flower pots.


wooden entryway Enhance Your Decor


3. Consider Bedroom Aesthetics

When it comes to planning lighting for your bedroom, it is advised that you should go for something automatic. Say goodbye to any switches and regulators. Go with smart lighting for your bedroom. This gives you the freedom to tweak your lighting as per your mood.

You can go with any of the pre-installed presets that come with these smart lights such as romantic, wide, clear, sky, black, dim, and many more. Automated smart lighting for your bedroom will prove to be one of the most intelligent and practical lighting decisions you will ever make.

4. Lighting Up Your Living Room  

Lighting up your living room is one of the most complicated things on your list. You do notice that you have a lot of areas to cover. There is your dining table and your wall unit as well. You can never ignore your new high-definition television set either.

You will have to go with a lot of textures and layers when it comes to lighting your living room. No more direct lighting is the rule that you should follow unless you want glares and reflections on your TV screen.

Also, go with a subtle and mellow light scheme for your entire space. Invest in a set of translucent lampshades, big chandeliers that are hung high from your living room, soft lights inside your false ceiling, and the like.

Obviously, you will need a dependable professional for this. You cannot possibly imagine doing all of this on your own. Professional guidance is a must when you are trying to re-imagine your living room or other critical areas in your home.

5. Do Not Forget The Corners

People often forget the corners of their homes. The same goes for the corners of their kitchens and bathrooms as well. Look for a simple lamp or probably a small hanging bulb with a gradient cover for those often-ignored corners. These are going to add a layered effect to your overall lighting.

They also let you add more contrast to your surroundings. By adding a little more color and texture in the form of showpieces, accessories, photo frames, and wall hangings, you can make a huge difference in your corners.

6. Your Kitchen Needs Brightening Up

You often don’t talk about your kitchen, why is that? This is because you have already installed a skylight over there and you think that you don’t need anything else. This is not true because as the sun goes down, you need something to compensate for the lost light.

The best part about your skylight is that it can be surrounded by a light fixture on its edges without coming off as “too much.” This is a great way to ensure that the directional light in your kitchen remains identical throughout the day.

Other than this, it is always a good idea to keep your corners bright just as mentioned above. Invest in at least four lamps that point towards your cooking station and not simply add the floor itself. Remember to keep the lampshades subtle and translucent to avoid any glare and harsh shadows.

7. Pay Attention To The Size

Last but not the least, this tip is something that you can never ignore. It is never advised to invest in big chandeliers for your living room unless you have the space for them. It is never advised to cram up your corners with large lampshades unless you have a huge house that is able to absorb all of that light.

You will have to pay attention to the overall dimensions of your possessions as well. Your lighting fixtures should be in proportion to your doors, windows, breadth of your walls, and your furniture pieces as well.


Final Thoughts

Lighting is important for your home. It is vital that you do your research in Atlanta before you invest in any such pieces. It is not possible to keep on altering your light fixtures and replacing them month after month. Therefore, you should remember that it is not just a purchase that you make but an investment.


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