Aluminium Sliding Doors: A Buyer’s Guide

With so many high-quality home improvement products to hoose from, homeowners are finding it increasingly difficult to choose between modern and traditional aesthetics. Due to the popularity of the bi-folding door in the last ten years, the sliding door has taken a back seat. Because there was no market for aluminium sliding doors, most aluminium systems businesses and product designers relegated their sliding door products. This is no longer the case.

Aluminium sliding doors outnumber bi-folding doors in terms of product development and new types of doors to hit the market. For numerous years, there hasn’t been a fundamentally different bi-folding door. Aluminium sliding doors, on the other hand, have changed dramatically. The ancient, thick, heavy, and aesthetically unappealing patio doors have been replaced.

It’s no surprise that the popularity of aluminium sliding glass doors is continuously increasing as more homeowners realize the importance of emphasizing their home’s perspective. Although uPVC sliding patio doors are still popular, aluminium sliding patio doors are a strong favorite because they provide fewer doors and more views, delivering the best connection to outdoor environments.

This increased demand for aluminium sliding doors is thanks to modern living spaces and the desire to extend our living spaces to the outdoors. In simpler terms, today’s sliding patio doors provide greater light, larger doors, and improved vistas. These are the two most appealing elements that are igniting a new interest in patio sliding doors and setting the standard for how we build and modify our homes.


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Why install aluminium sliding doors?

Aluminium sliding doors are a gorgeous feature that adds the perfect finishing touch to any property. Designed to enhance and beautify your home, regardless of style, with customizing choices to suit all types of homes. Aluminium doors have thin and attractive frames, allowing for large expanses of glass and spectacular vistas.

Sliding doors make it simple to access your outdoor space. Furthermore, if you’re planning a remodel or extension, these doors are available in a variety of colors and finishes to complement any style. Aluminium sliding doors in dark colours are also quite trendy, making them a favorite choice for many homes.

Aluminium sliding doors are the leanest sliding doors available, and they can accommodate bigger panel sizes than timber or PVCu doors. Aluminium is also less prone to thermal expansion, which is especially important on South and West facing heights.

PVCu sliding doors are the more cost-effective option, and there are some good PVCu items on the market, but the sightlines are thicker, and chunkier, and the PVCu design isn’t to everyone’s taste today. If you’re unsure whether the sliding door is outdated or obsolete, look at how different sliding doors are today compared to those you may be familiar with. The following are characteristics of a modern sliding door:

  • More secure and resistant against the elements.
  • Slimmer, stronger, and practically frameless options are all available.
  • With cornerless doors, lift and slide doors, and even motorized sliding doors, your home will be more useful.
    More secure and resistant against the elements.
  • Per sliding door panel, astonishing widths and heights of more than 9m2 are possible.
  • Thermally more efficient.
  • Regardless of their size, they are simple to open.


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Aluminium sliding doors prices

The pricing of aluminium doors can be found below, depending on the style you want for your property.


Aluminium door type  Estimated Price
French Doors £2,200 – £3,000
Bifold £2,000 – £5,500
Double Panel Sliding Doors £800- £2,000
Triple Panels Sliding Doors £2,200 – £4,000


These prices do not include installation, which varies depending on who is doing the work. As a result, it’s critical to compare quotations from many installers in order to maximize your chances of getting the best deal. Do you have a limited budget? No issue; aluminium sliding doors start at £1,800 and come in a variety of options to suit most consumers. Furthermore, their benefits outweigh the upfront cost of makeup. The average cost of aluminium sliding doors is £3,000, with a £700 cost per square metre.


We understand how stressful it can be to begin planning your home improvement project because there are so many options and essential decisions to make. Aluminium sliding doors are a particularly attractive choice. This material is non-rusting and comes in a variety of colors. Aluminium’s intrinsic resistance allows it to be utilized to make massive sliding doors. These doors, on the other hand, are extremely pricey, and if installed at a thermal bridge in the home, there is a possibility of condensation forming.

The aluminium sliding patio doors available today are better than ever. Secure, weatherproof, insulated, and easy to slide. With most items, you may choose from two to six panels. The ability to stack open panels together, open corner designs, and even doors that slide into a wall and disappear. Sliding doors in the home generate enormous glass walls and make a bold aesthetic statement. Sliding doors with even greater design and engineering come with even smaller frame profiles, a flush and seamless threshold, and large sizes with many top-end items.

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