24 Best Cream Kitchen Cabinets to Inspire You

Are you looking for a kitchen cabinet color that encapsulates simplicity at its finest but also adds timeless elegance to your space? Get inspired by these curated cream kitchen cabinets. 

The kitchen cabinet is the most impactful element in a kitchen. It can make or break the visual appeal and feel of any kitchen.

There are a plethora of kitchen cabinet colors available today. This makes it so difficult to choose the right one for your home.

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a kitchen cabinet is whether it can stand the test of time. Instead of following fickle trends, go for a timeless color. Neutral colors and wood tones are often the common choice. 

Cream is a go-to kitchen cabinet color for homeowners and interior designers. This is because of its muted and simplistic look. It also adds a touch of modernity and sophistication to a kitchen.

One of the best things about this crowd-pleasing color is that it comes in many different tones. Some of these creamy tones are ivory, streamed milk, summer white, and egg nog, to name a few.

They also work great in different kitchen styles, from modern to traditional, farmhouse, rustic, and country.


The most popular cream shade for kitchen cabinets- Sherwin Williams Divine White (SW6105)

 Cream Kitchen Cabinets color ideas


Cream-colored kitchen cabinets can also complement all styles of kitchen countertops, from granite to wood, marble, quartz, laminate, and many more. 

This color is simply chic and subtle but not mundane and can satisfy on multiple levels. Additionally, this creamy hue is also very versatile and can add warmth to a space.

You can change your kitchen wall paint and overall aesthetics over time without the need to repaint the cabinet. Looking for some inspiration to decide whether this is the right cabinet color for your kitchen? 

In this article, we’ve curated the 24 best cream kitchen cabinets to inspire your next kitchen remodeling project.

Enjoy the read!


24 best cream kitchen cabinets


1. Matte Cream Kitchen Cabinet

This type of kitchen cabinet design creates a comfortably modern feel that’s hard to resist. If you want to create an effortlessly chic kitchen, this may be the ideal style for you.

Matte is a finish that absorbs light, as opposed to gloss which reflects it and this results in a more muted look. Matte cream kitchen cabinets are great for contemporary spaces.

24 best cream kitchen cabinetsPhoto: @Hayes Kitchens


 2. Semi-Gloss Cream Kitchen Cabinet

A semi-gloss finish is a more subtle alternative to a high-gloss finish. It has a smooth sleek sheen but is not as reflective as the high-glossy kitchen cabinet.

It reflects light to a degree and it is the right balance between a high-gloss finish and a matte finish.

Semi-gloss cream kitchen cabinets radiate a subtle shine that will add a chic layer of interest and style to your kitchen.

24 best cream kitchen cabinetsPhoto: Mauritz Interior Design


3. High-Gloss Cream Kitchen Cabinet

High-gloss kitchen cabinets give a mirror-like appearance that adds sleekness and style to kitchen spaces. They also reflect lights which makes the room appear even bigger.

A great way to incorporate cream kitchen cabinets in your space is to give them a high-gloss finish.

This type of finish is also easy to clean and keeps the cream hue free from long-lasting stains.

High-Gloss Cream Kitchen CabinetsPhoto: RND Interiors


4. Sandstone Cream Kitchen Cabinet

Sandstone is a muted creamy color that can elevate the look of your kitchen in a subtle yet stylish way. The base color is sandy. Sandstone kitchen cabinets are mostly light tan but also come in varying hues.

This kitchen cabinet color variation usually does not have too much yellow undertone. They are often seen in modern minimalistic kitchens.

IMG 3656 Cream Kitchen CabinetsPhoto: Amber Interiors


5. Cream Kitchen with Marble Backsplash

You can use most backsplashes in a cream kitchen because of their versatile nature. However, a rich stained marble backsplash can add a touch of luxury and elegance to the space. 

This backsplash material will instantly elevate the overall aesthetic of the kitchen. In addition to this, marble is highly durable and can withstand heat, moisture, and daily wear and tear. 

IMG 3659 Cream Kitchen CabinetsPhoto: @storiecollective, @stacyzaringoldberg,@uniquekitchensandbaths


6. Greige Kitchen Cabinet

Greige is a creamy kitchen cabinet color that combines grey and beige. Grey kitchen cabinets have been a popular choice for the longest time.

Beige as well but greige is seen to have taken over over the last decade. It’s a tried and tested timeless cream kitchen cabinet option that never fails to please.

Greige Kitchen CabinetsPhoto: Sam Sacks Design


7. Cream and White Kitchen

Injecting a pop of white into a cream kitchen through the light or island chairs. Cream and white hues create a bright and airy atmosphere, making the kitchen feel spacious and inviting.

Plus, these colors also reflect light, enhancing the overall sense of openness and cleanliness in the space.

IMG 3639 Cream Kitchen CabinetsPhoto: @matthewniemannphotography & @papermoonpainting


8. Cream Cabinet with Hardwood Countertop

Wood is one of the homeowner’s go-to choices for countertops and it’s no surprise why.

It brings a sense of warmth and nature to the kitchen. It is also a more affordable option compared to granite and marble.

Wood countertop has a profound influence on a kitchen when paired with cream kitchen countertops.

They also come in many varying hues and textures to complement any kitchen style.

24 best cream kitchen cabinetsPhoto: @littlepettittpad


9. Light Taupe Kitchen Cabinet

The taupe kitchen cabinet has a greyish-brown cabinet with a soft hue that is hard to resist. This easy neutral creates a calm, warm, and inviting ambiance in the kitchen.

This type of creamy kitchen cabinet is well-suited for white or bright-colored countertops, stone effect tiles, or timber floor tiles.

24 best cream kitchen cabinetsPhoto: @michaelakaskel


10. Grecian White Kitchen Cabinet

Grecian white is a shade of white with a tint of creamy brown. It is subtle yet highly stylish and creates a relaxed atmosphere.

The Grecian white kitchen cabinet gives a soft sunlit appearance resulting in a warm and comfortable modern feel.

This is one of the cream kitchen cabinets that complement any home interior style or granite countertop.

Grecian White Kitchen CabinetsPhoto: Michael Partenio 


11. Cream Kitchen Cabinets With Granite Countertop

Granite is one of the most timeless kitchen countertops and it’s no surprise why. It is the hardest material on the planet, prized for being highly durable, stain and scratch-resistant, and visually pleasing.

The granite countertop paired with cream kitchen cabinets is a match made in design heaven. Granite countertops also come in a wide range of colors and textures.

IMG 3644 Cream Kitchen CabinetsPhoto: @Hayes Kitchens


12. Two-Tone Cream Kitchen Cabinet

To maximize interest in your kitchen cabinet design, mix cream kitchen cabinets with cabinets of a different color.

The most popular color combo for cream is white but black as grey is also great for adding a strong sense of style and making a dramatic impact.IMG 3650 Cream Kitchen CabinetsPhoto: @holly_oak_house


13.  Cream Kitchen Cabinets With Black Countertop

Black countertops are great for cream kitchen cabinets for several reasons. They add an understated elegance and chicness to the kitchen.

Black countertops are also great kitchens because they conceal stains more than other counterparts. Black is also a classic and adaptable color that complements cream and every other color.

The black quartz countertops with subtle gray veining have remained one of the homeowners’ favorite choices.

Cream Kitchen Cabinets With Black CountertopPhoto: Michael Partenio 


14. Cream Kitchen Cabinet with Brass Hardware

Brass hardware makes a perfect addition to cream kitchen cabinets because they are sleek, eye-catching, and extremely versatile.

In interior design, gold symbolizes glamour, luxury, and elegance. Brass adds a chic, stylish, and polished finish to the kitchen.

They also create an accent that can have a major design impact on the overall look and feel of the kitchen.

IMG 3651 Cream Kitchen CabinetsPhoto: @caitlinflemming


15. Mellowed Ivory Kitchen Cabinet

The mellowed Ivory by Benjamin Moore is one of the most talked about muted and inviting creamy colors for kitchens and bathrooms in recent times.

This versatile hue has a harmonious yellow-green look that is rich and inviting.

Mellowed ivory kitchen cabinets are attractive in appearance. It embellishes the beauty of any kitchen without overpowering it.

Mellowed Ivory Kitchen CabinetsPhoto: Michael Partenio 


16. Open Kitchen Shelving

Incorporate open shelving in your cream kitchen. It creates an open and airy feel, making the space appear larger and more spacious.

Unlike traditional closed cabinets, open shelving allows for easy access to items and encourages a more relaxed, casual vibe.

IMG 3652 Cream Kitchen CabinetsPhoto: @acorn_barn_conversion


17. Timeless Cream Kitchen Cabinet

The timeless cream cabinet color offers a sense of tranquility and harmony, making your kitchen a place of calmness and comfort.

It adds an air of sophistication to a space, reflects light beautifully, and creates an airy atmosphere that every kitchen should have. Screenshot 2024 04 22 at 14.07.41 Cream Kitchen CabinetsPhoto: @weethhome & @eastandlane


18. Cream Cabinet with Matching Lighting

To create a cohesive and unified look in a cream kitchen, opt for a cream statement lighting as well. This gives it a more polished, minimalist, and intentional look. 

IMG 3657 Cream Kitchen CabinetsPhoto: @lisa_tharp


19. Oakgrain Cream Kitchen Cabinets

Rich, warm, and with a woodgrain texture, Oakgrain cream is a crowd-pleasing neutral color that resembles a hand-painted wood.

This kitchen cabinet style is here to stay for the foreseeable future and it’s no surprise why.

Oagrain cream is an attractive kitchen cabinet color that creates a warm, stylish, and sophisticated look.

Oakgrain Cream Kitchen CabinetsPhoto: @Hayes Kitchens


20.  Walnut Cream Kitchen Cabinet 

The walnut cream kitchen cabinets combine the warmth and richness of walnut wood with the timeless elegance of cream color.

Whether you want to create a farmhouse kitchen or a sleek, contemporary space, a walnut cream cabinet can help to add a touch of sophistication and charm.

Taupe Kitchen CabinetsPhoto: The Cow Spot


21. Beige Kitchen Cabinet

Beige is one of the most popular neutral colors used in interior design. Unlike stark white cabinets, which can sometimes feel too sterile, beige creates a sense of warmth and coziness in the kitchen.

So if you’re looking to to add a soft and modern touch to the kitchen, then beige should be on your radar. Plus, it is highly versatile and timeless. 

IMG 3653 Cream Kitchen CabinetsPhoto: @blushingboho


22. Under Cabinet Lighting

Consider incorporating cabinet light in your kitchen as provides task lighting. It illuminates the countertops and workspaces below the cabinets. 

In addition to this, under-cabinet lighting adds depth and dimension to the kitchen, highlighting the texture and detail of the cabinetry.IMG 3649 Cream Kitchen CabinetsPhoto: @sumerastudio


23. Sherwin William Navajo White

Navajo White is a paint color by Sherwin Williams that exudes a cozy and welcoming ambiance with its soft, warm undertones.

This cream tone has a classic and enduring appeal that transcends fleeting trends.

Screenshot 2024 04 22 at 11.20.05 Cream Kitchen CabinetsPhoto: Martin Moore Design


24. Cream Kitchen with Walnut Island

The pairing of cream cabinetry with a walnut island creates a striking contrast that adds depth and dimension to the kitchen. This combination also introduces texture and tactile appeal to the kitchen. 

IMG 3647 Cream Kitchen CabinetsPhoto: Renovation Husbands / Stephen St. Russell


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