25 Best Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

Looking for the best farmhouse kitchen ideas? Transform your kitchen into a sophisticated and virtually striking space with these refreshingly modern farmhouse kitchens. 

The traditional farmhouse kitchen typically features classic rustic stylings such as shaker cabinets and natural materials. It has an authentic and organic vibe. 

More and more farmhouse owners are adding a modern twist to their kitchens by incorporating a modernist aesthetic. There are a plethora of ways to make a farmhouse kitchen feel more refined and upscale. 


Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas


Some common expert approach is a mixture of old and new materials, creating contrast with sleek surfaces, using statement lighting, upgrading the appliance, and many more. 

All you need is the right inspiration to help kickstart your journey to creating the perfect kitchen.

We’ve searched high and low and have curated the 25 most visually stunning modern farmhouse kitchen ideas to inspire you.  

Whether you’re leaning towards bold and characterful designs or clean and minimal, you will find ideas for every kitchen style size. 


1. Blue Farmhouse Kitchen

This modern farmhouse kitchen boasts a fresh and inviting atmosphere with a stunning combination of blue cabinets and walls, and white backplash complemented by bold brass accents.

The statement range hood serves as a stunning accent piece. This kitchen design is a great inspiration as it seamlessly blends the classic farmhouse elements with modern aesthetics.

Plus the open shelving system makes the space more open and bigger than it is. 

IMG 9260 Modern Farmhouse KitchenAI PHOTO: SARAH ROBERTSON


2. Exposed Wooden Beams

Studio McGee is a popular interior design studio known for their use of earthy and muted tones.

This Studio McGee’s modern farmhouse kitchen features exposed wood beams, a marble countertop, and an earthy color scheme that showcases a harmonious blend of rustic charm and contemporary design. 

IMG 9275 Modern Farmhouse KitchenPHOTO: STUDIO MCGEE


3. Neutral Color Scheme

In this modern farmhouse kitchen design, the incorporation of a neutral color scheme sets the tone for a serene and timeless ambiance.

The design is a harmonious blend of contemporary elements and rustic charm. The natural stone flooring gives the space character and an organic aesthetic. 

IMG 9251 Modern Farmhouse KitchenAI PHOTO: CALDWELL & CASTELLO


4. Dark Green Farmhouse Kitchen

A refined and sophisticated atmosphere is created in this modern farmhouse kitchen through a combination of dark green kitchen cabinets, a coffered ceiling, luxurious marble surfaces, and elegant brass fixtures.

IMG 9258 Modern Farmhouse KitchenAI PHOTO: SARAH ROBERTSON


5. Pale Mint Blue Cabinets

In this clean and bright modern farmhouse kitchen, a refreshing and airy atmosphere is created through the use of a pale mint blue cabinet, a bold gold stove, and fixtures.

This swoon-worthy kitchen design radiates opulence and sophistication. 

large cottage kitchen with island 1 Modern Farmhouse KitchenAI PHOTO:  SARAH ROBERTSON


6. Marble Countertop 

This modern farmhouse kitchen created by JYF Designs uses rich stained marble for both the countertop and backsplash to infuse modernity into the spaces.

The stunning island lighting makes a great statement and centerpiece for the space. This kitchen seamlessly blends contemporary elements with farmhouse charm. 

IMG 9268 Modern Farmhouse Kitchen


7.  Brick Wall Kitchen

This charming farmhouse kitchen design achieves a harmonious blend of rustic charm and classic elegance through the incorporation of antique Tudor brick accent walls and earthy colors. 

IMG 9266 Modern Farmhouse Kitchen



8. Brass Fixtures

The warm and bold tones of brass in this virtually calming farmhouse kitchen create a striking contrast against the clean and neutral backdrop of white cabinets.

White cabinets are favored by homeowners because of their clean and timeless appeal.

IMG 9262 Modern Farmhouse KitchenPHOTO: WEETH HOME


9. Dark Blue Kitchen Cabinet

This is one of the most visually dark blue striking kitchens we have featured. The combination of a dark blue cabinet, brass features, abundant natural light, and the addition of a Safavieh runner create a timeless and sophisticated appeal.

IMG 9254 Modern Farmhouse KitchenAI PHOTO: SARAH ROBERTSON


10. Wood Tone Cabinet

A seamless blend of contemporary and rustic elements is incorporated into this modern farmhouse kitchen.

The wood-tone cabinets and the opal glass globe ceiling pendants over the kitchen island work brilliantly well together. 



11. Kitchen Island Table

The pseudo-three-centered arch entry in this farmhouse kitchen adds architectural interest and charm to it.

The kitchen island table is a great space-saving element, contributing to a functional and stylish layout of the space. 

IMG 9272 Modern Farmhouse KitchenPHOTO: JESSICA HELGERSON


12. Solid Walnut Slats Accent 

In this contemporary farmhouse kitchen, we love the kitchen island, which incorporates a solid walnut slats accent and a marble countertop. This design style can be used for any style of kitchen. 

IMG 9273 Modern Farmhouse KitchenPHOTO: MOLLY KIDD


13. Black Kitchen Island

Using a different kitchen island cabinet than the other cabinets in the kitchen is a great way to add visual interest and create a focal point. Plus, it also helps to break up the monotony in the design. 

IMG 9269 Modern Farmhouse KitchenPHOTO: MIF DESIGN


14. Cream Farmhouse Kitchen

Cream is one of the most popular kitchen cabinet colors for good reasons. Most homeowners and designers opt for cream because it is a neutral and timeless color that exudes elegance.

It created a classic and sophisticated appeal that flies above fickle trends. 

IMG 9255 Modern Farmhouse KitchenPHOTO: SARAH ROBERTSON


15. Brown and White Scheme

White and brown work together in interior spaces like dandelions and daydreams. This striking yet calming duo creates a classic and timeless color scheme that exudes sophistication and opulence.



16. Statement Bar Stools

The kitchen designed by Studio 36 Design features a high wooden ceiling which adds a sense of grandeur and warmth to the space. The natural wood cabinets create an organic and airy atmosphere.

IMG 9264 Modern Farmhouse KitchenPHOTO: STUDIO 36 DESIGN


17. Checkerboard Tiles

A checkerboard tile is a type of flooring that infuses a classic and timeless aesthetic into a space. It is a great feature to incorporate in a modern farmhouse kitchen. 

IMG 9280 Modern Farmhouse KitchenPHOTO: THE FOX GROUP


18. Sage Green Cabinets

Sage green has grown overwhelmingly high in popularity over the last few years but it is no surprise why.

This muted and earthy shade of green evokes a sense of calm and tranquility, making it a fantastic cabinet color choice for the kitchen. 

IMG 9278 Modern Farmhouse KitchenPHOTO: HEIDI CAILLIER  DESIGN


19. Zellige Tiles Backsplash

Zellige tiles are great for a kitchen for a backsplash and can add a unique and visually stunning element to it. These types of tiles are handmade, and traditionally crafted by artisans, giving your space a unique and authentic touch. 

IMG 9274 Modern Farmhouse Kitchen


20. Black and Gold Range Hood

A standout feature in this Wedndi Jay kitchen is the grandeur black and gold range hood. The oversized hood makes a bold statement and adds a touch of glamour to the space.

The matching stove and pot rack with gold accents also add a luxurious and elegant touch to the kitchen. 

IMG 9277 Modern Farmhouse KitchenPHOTO: WENDI JAY DESIGN


21. Muted Green Cabinet

A kitchen filled with personality! The muted green cabinet and wall paint color that is also incorporated into the ceiling beam adds a calming and earthy feel to the kitchen. 

IMG 9270 Modern Farmhouse Kitchen



22. Bright and Airy Farmhouse Kitchen

If clean and bright is the vibe you leaning towards, then this kitchen design should be on your radar. Make design choices that maximize natural light such as light neutrals and marble surfaces. 

IMG 9261 Modern Farmhouse KitchenPHOTO: WEETH HOME DESIGN


23. Statement Lighting

Incorporating statement lighting in a farmhouse kitchen is a fantastic way to enhance its aesthetic appeal. For a touch of modernity, opt for fixtures with a mix of brass metal, and wood glass. 

IMG 9252 Modern Farmhouse KitchenPHOTO: TOM INTERIOR DESIGN


24. White and Olive Green Scheme

A color pair made in interior design heaven! Combining white and olive green in the kitchen can create a fresh, calming, and visually appealing space.

IMG 9276 Modern Farmhouse KitchenPHOTO: JOANNA GAINES



25. Small Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

If you’re on this hunt for design ideas for small-sized farmhouse kitchens, then look further than this stunning kitchen designed by Samantha Stein.

Opt for light colors, especially whites and neutrals, for walls, cabinets, and countertops. Install adequate lighting to brighten the kitchen. 

IMG 9257 Modern Farmhouse KitchenPHOTO: SAMANTHA STEIN



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