Dining Table Height: Importance, Facts, and Tips

In the market, we find tables and chairs of very variable heights. However, not all of them are suitable for comfort and ergonomics. In this sense, a bad purchase or customizing decision could create muscle problems, back problems, etc. In this article, we’ll be talking about the dining table height.

When choosing the dining table for the dining and living room, take into account several fundamental factors. Of course, the style is the first thing to look at. If it doesn’t catch the eye, it may not be the right table. The second thing to take into account is the construction materials. Wood, glass, metal, microcement dining tables… There are many options, so take the time to choose your dining table.

Although there are standard measurements or heights for tables and chairs, we must be aware that these can and should be modified depending on the use and the physical traits of the user. A person who is 1.90 meters tall and overweight does not have the same needs as someone who is 1.60 meters tall and thin. For this reason, it is important to consider the dining table height.

It is always advisable to check these measurements before buying or manufacturing, and in an ideal situation, try the table and/or chairs on display. Obviously, when it comes to a custom or DIY project, it is possible to customize the dining table.


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Dining table for 8 people

Dining room table height

In the following table, you can see the standard measurements:


Type of table Min (cm) MAX (cm)
Standard dining table 75 80
Center table 48 52
Desk 72 78


In addition to considering the size, you must assess that there are no elements that could harm the ergonomics of the table.

For example, some tables include one or more drawers. These could occupy a space that would normally be destined for the feet in a way that generates discomfort or forces us to reduce the height of the chair (if this option exists). Although this problem is more common on desks, it is not uncommon on dining tables.

High tables or counters are an interesting decorative option. They give us a fresh and modern image and by sitting higher, a different vision of the room. Mainly, they come in two sizes:  90 cm and a height of 110 cm. The standard dining table size is 75 – 78 cm in height.


dining table height dining room table height, low height dining table

Table 90 – 92 cm high

It is the usual counter height dining table and the height of the kitchen furniture.

If we use it as a counter or island, we achieve continuity with the furniture in our kitchen. If we use it as a table, we have a homogeneous height of countertops in our room.

It is the recommended dining table size for daily use since it is easier to sit on high stools that should be around 65 cm high.


Table 105 – 110 cm high

It is the usual measurement of a bar counter and is also an option for a counter or island.

The drawback of this height is that it is more difficult to sit down since the height of the seat of the stool should be around 75 cm and it is more difficult to get on the stool, especially for short people or children.

Another drawback for this height is that if they are narrow tables, they are more unstable because they are too high, have a greater wiggle, or are unstable, especially if their construction quality is not good.

The advantage of a 110 cm high table is that if we use it in the work area, it is very comfortable as we do not have to bend down to work.


Low height dining table

When we talk about the measurements of a coffee table, the length and width unconsciously come to mind. But height is as important as the other two. We can’t leave it aside.

The three measures give a volume and are important when measuring a low table, but also when determining the style and design.

Speaking of a low height dining table, it is normally as high as a sofa. And what does this measure? Well, it depends on the style, the design, and the type of sofa that we look at.

Normally, it is between 35, 40, and 45 cm in height, but there are sofas with a lower seat and, on the contrary, sofas that are higher, and therefore their seat is also higher.



When choosing the dining table height, consider the space around the table. Whether the table is rectangular, square, or round, there should be a minimum distance between the edge of the tabletop and the wall (or nearest physical obstacle) so as not to interfere with chair clearance or free movement around the table.

In the event that space is limited, leave at least a distance of between 91.4 and 106.7 cm, although in this case, your guests will have to make way or move the chair to pass behind comfortably.

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