Easy Makeover Tips That’ll Elevate Your Bedroom

If you’re like most people, a bedroom is probably the only place you can call a haven in your home. It’s a getaway sanctuary you can count on for a good rest away from the interference of your kids and other activities going on in the house. So, it only makes sense if you make it comfortable by sprucing it up in simple design ideas.

Even better, enhancing this space doesn’t have to be too complicated. A few simple ideas that promote a good night’s sleep and increase your comfort will still suffice.  It can be as easy as hanging art on the wall or adding some carefully selected bedroom accessories. Regardless of what makes you feel better, it’s essential to create an environment that uplifts your mood. Here are a few secrets you can explore.


1.   Keep it Simple

While a comfortable and cozy look is what you want to achieve in your bedroom, keeping it simple and less detailed will help.  The sophistication and elegance you want to achieve shouldn’t be too much to deny you the freedom to move around. For instance, there has to be enough space between your bed and the wall to give the room an even bigger look.

Similarly, keep furniture to the minimum and only furnish your room with necessary accessories only.  Your bed, tables, chair, and dressers are enough to give the bedroom a complete look. Anything extra may only eat up so much space to deny you enough comfort.


Easy Makeover Tips That'll Elevate Your Bedroom


2.   Limit the Mess in Your Bedroom

No matter how much impact you add to your room, a dirty and cluttered room will never grant you that luxurious look you want. If anything, it’s one of the first things you should look into even before deciding on the type of furnishings to add.  So get rid of the clutter and anything else that is not necessary.

Keep close attention to the floor and the corners where you keep your stack of unread books. This should also include all the unfolded clothing and any other equipment that shouldn’t be in the room. If you don’t have a shoe rack, ensure all the shoes are arranged and kept in a fitting space.

Create a good space for everything else in the bedroom and ensure they are well maintained in one place.  Avoid mixing stuff and decide on where you want to keep your belongings for easy reach. If you have kids around, ensure you keep their toys and clothing in their separate bedrooms. This will allow you an easy time to handle your belongings and keep each room in check.


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3.   Make Lighting Adjustments

Your bedroom needs well-layered lighting to exude a taste of class and elegance. All the lights you use should be positioned in different places to serve their intended purpose more conservatively. For instance, have ambient lighting that illuminates the entire room. This light shouldn’t be too powerful to render other lights less valid.

You can also have small lamps by your bedside for lighting when you need to read or handle other activities in the bedroom. To ensure the small lamps serve you well, get ones with a movable arm that can be easily adjusted. Forget other lighting fixtures that come with many details and instead focus on something swanky but straightforward.

Another option that will help bring more light to your bedroom is a mirror.  Modern interior design practices often recommend mirrors for the different functionalities they bring to your room. Besides being one of the ways to make your small room bigger, adding mirrors to your bedroom will enhance your room’s lighting needs by allowing the natural light to bounce around.


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4.   Consider Dressing Your Windows

Window dressing brings an element of interest to your bedroom.  So, you can easily leverage different types of dressers to add more impact to your room. For example, short windows often go well with curtains that drop to the floor. This takes away their ordinary look to make them look more affluent and exciting.

The value of privacy can’t also be ignored when dealing with your bedroom windows. That is why simple window dressers that let in light but block outsiders from seeing through will make a great idea. Consider having a blind behind the dressings to prevent light from getting in when needed.


Easy Makeover Tips That'll Elevate Your Bedroom


5.   Add Impact with Some Art or Crown Moldings

A little touch of art and other decorations can also be what you need to give your bedroom an expensive lift. With the addition of art, you can make your bedroom feel like a virtual gallery. Consider some Artisan Decoupage with a strong statement and place it over your headboard for a more impactful look. You can also match it with other fine collectibles that reflect your taste and style.

Besides the art, crown moldings are also an ideal fit that’ll uplift your bedroom. The type of crown moldings you go for will heavily depend on your level of DIY experience and what you want to achieve in the room. If you want something easily customizable, you can opt for actual moldings and paint them as you like. Also, remember crown moldings only look good on the walls if they take a similar color.


Easy Makeover Tips That'll Elevate Your Bedroom


6.   Replace Hardware

Your bedroom may be boring because of the furniture that’s in. Usually, bedroom furniture that’s more than 5-7 years old needs replacement or updating. It’s one of the modest things that’ll uplift its look and make all other elements look good.

You can decide to achieve this by spending money on new and expensive hardware. Modern hardware made of glass or metal is more lavish and less messy than wood hardware.  It’s one of the few pieces of hardware that’ll give your bedroom a completely over-the-top and luxurious makeover.


Easy Makeover Tips That'll Elevate Your Bedroom


Bottom Line

If you’re craving to uplift your bedroom and make it a sanctuary, there are only a few aspects to put in mind. The above highlights are just a few efficient ways that utilize simple design elements.



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