Pros and Cons of Karndean Flooring

Karndean flooring, also known as luxury vinyl tile (LVT), is another common type of flooring. It is made of high-quality PVC and looks like ceramic slabs or stone. Karndean floors come in various styles. There are tiles that look like wood planks or slate.

It comes pre-installed on interlocking panels, making installation easy for both DIYers and professionals.

Karndean floors are extremely easy to maintain. They don’t require waxing or other finishing treatments like hardwood floors, making them an attractive option for homeowners who don’t want to worry about high maintenance. Floors are pre-sealed, so you don’t have to purchase additional treatments after installation.


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Karndean korlok

The Karndean Korlok floor is made of wooden planks in a timeless design. This flooring should only be used as floating floor covering. Karndean always recommends hiring a professional installer.

Korlok is available for installation above and below ground level. It is also suitable for basements. Korlok is waterproof, making it suitable for bathrooms, but not for walk-in showers or shower stall floors.

Karndean knight tile

The Karndean knight tile is available in oak, walnut, and pine, and displays a more worn and vintage aesthetic. Karndean knight tiles use a more standardized and theoretically less secure 2G lock profile and are suited for bathrooms and walk-in showers.

Pros of Kardndean floors

1. Affordability

You can have a floor that almost looks like wood but at a fraction of the price.

2. Waterproof

These luxury vinyl flooring options are completely waterproof. The engineered luxury vinyl option, in particular, is ideal for moisture-prone options such as kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry room floors. This is great, considering that options like hardwood floors are prone to moisture damage over time.

3. Easy maintenance

Karndean flooring is one of the easiest options to clean. It comes with a protective coating that only requires light cleaning and mopping to keep it in tip-top condition.

4. Comfort

This engineered flooring option has a comfortable feel that beats other options. It is also an insulating material. You also do not have to worry about winter periods when you have these floors in your home. Karndean is likewise soundproofing. This means that you can take a leisurely afternoon nap without concerning about the annoying footsteps of other people in your house.

5. Ease of Installation

Karndean flooring is so easy to install that you can do it on your own without the aid of an expert. The planks are made in such a way that they hook and stick. Once the subfloor has been installed, it is easy to lay out the floor because it is compatible with most subfloors.

Cons of Kardndean floors

1. It’s Hard on the Environment

Karndean vinyl flooring is not biodegradable and easily recycled. It is not an eco-friendly product.

2. Can easily Damage

Although karndean flooring is durable, it is softer than other options like tile and hardwood. This makes it vulnerable to minor damage. Large appliances and furniture can also damage the floor.

3. Sensitivity to Sunlight

The top layer of karndean vinly flooring is not UV resistant. It will eventually discolor due to this. Therefore, it is not a good option for outdoor floors. Interior floors will work fine if you keep the blinds closed during the daytime.


How long does Karndean Flooring last?

Although this floor is expected to last from five to ten years, this depends on factors like the exposure to humidity.

The factor that most affects the life of use of these tiles is the preparation of the subfloor. If you overlook this and lay the flooring on top of plywood, your karndean flooring will deteriorate much faster.


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Proper Installation Is Crucial

Preparing your subfloor does not mean removing upholstery and furniture. Karndean floors require specific installation methods to ensure adhesion.

Before beginning the installation, make sure the subfloor is completely level and 97% dry. The tiles are laid in a staggered brick pattern, rather than side by side or overlapping. It is important not to apply too much pressure during installation. Otherwise, you could end up with bubbles under the tiles instead of a smooth surface with consistent color intensity across columns and rows.

When looking for karndean flooring near me, ask the dealer about the warranty and if professional installation includes warranty claims. Some installers may try to charge you for repairs. That’s why it’s important to choose a qualified installer from the start.


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Karndean flooring is also more expensive than regular vinyl flooring, but it is more durable and can be used for a wider variety of purposes.

In conclusion, you’ll need to analyze the pros and cons of luxury vinyl flooring to make the decision that best suits your tastes and preferences.


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