Which Laminate Floor Colors Look Best?

Are you considering adding laminate flooring to your home?

With an ever-growing assortment of wood looks and colors, laminate flooring is the best flooring option for residential use. Technology has allowed modern laminate floor colors to improve. There are now more realistic finishes, detailed textures, and vibrant floor colors.

While laminate wood-look flooring was previously considered cheap-looking, the hues of laminate flooring have evolved to include more variety, as well as trendier tints. As a result, it is now one of the most popular flooring types in the US.

Choosing laminate over other types of flooring will allow you to create your space with a specific look and feel in mind. It’s also a low-cost flooring option if you’re on a budget. In this article, we’re sharing the most popular laminate floor colors in 2023.


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Reclaimed Wood

Laminate flooring that mimics barn oak and rustic flooring are currently trending. This type of flooring looks like reclaimed barn wood, with oak knots and cracks.

The deep brown tone reflects the different shades found in actual wood planks, as the name suggests. Reclaimed wood laminate flooring is the right color to create a cozy room. It’s especially attractive when paired with a combination of light and dark décor and some pops of color.

White or Light Grey

Light flooring is making a comeback. If you like a beachy, airy look, check out white or light gray laminates.

This laminate floor hue, which is considered a medium or neutral tone, offers the best of both worlds: it brightens any space and resembles natural wood. In addition, it creates a calm, neutral foundation that allows for endless design possibilities.

Dark Grey or Charcoal

If you’re looking for a darker look but like grey, check out the charcoal-colored laminate. The dark shading in charcoal-colored flooring allows you to mix and match bright and dark décor to create a smart and modern space.


Cherry is a popular laminate flooring color that is both economical and elegant. The luxurious look of a rich honey-brown combined with a warm, darker brown is luxurious and homey.

If you choose cherry laminate, decorate with lighter furniture and flashes of color in your accent items to avoid overpowering the flooring’s bold colors.

Hand-Scraped Wood

This exquisite laminate flooring hue is made of blonde, honey, and dark brown streaks. It resembles hand-scraped wood planks.

Therefore, it looks expensive for a fraction of the cost. Its wide range of color variations allows it to look fantastic in numerous settings, from rustic to contemporary to traditional.

This rich blonde laminate flooring hue looks great in a study or office with matching furniture and décor.

What Laminate Floor Colors Should I Choose?

There are many types of laminate floors, making it tough to choose the best color for your home. While these trends are likely to last many years, select a style based on the atmosphere you want to create in your home.

No matter which option you choose, every home buyer will appreciate the durability of laminate, and there’s someone out there who will enjoy the same laminate floor colors as you.

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