What Is the Cheapest Flooring?

Your floor needs a new look, and a tough one at that. You’re looking for an inexpensive option, but it needs to hold up against pets, children, spills, and all the other things that can damage the flooring. Luckily, there are plenty of durable flooring options available that can give you the perfect look without breaking the bank. These are the most durable flooring options on the market today.



Laminate is one of the cheapest durable flooring options and is an attractive choice for many situations. It comes in many different finishes, such as hardwood, tile, stone, and marble. It’s easy to install and can take a lot of abuse.

Unfortunately, with laminate, you get what you pay for. Unless advertised as otherwise this option can be susceptible to heat and water damage.

Sheet Vinyl

Sheet vinyl is inexpensive, durable, and waterproof. Like laminate, it comes in a variety of textures as well. It’s called sheet vinyl because it comes in wide rolls that can be difficult to cut to size. For this reason, the installation of this durable flooring material is best left to the professionals.

Sheet vinyl is made to last, and you can expect up to 25 years of enjoying durable floors.

Plank Vinyl

Plank vinyl is similar to sheet vinyl but thicker. Installation can be either using adhesive or a click-and-lock system. It convincingly mimics more expensive options like hardwood or tile. With its waterproof material, it’s perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and basements.

Plank vinyl can be more expensive based on how realistic its texture is and how convenient it is to install.

Ceramic Tile

For the ambitious DIYer, choosing ceramic tile is a great option. Ceramic tiles are inexpensive, easy to clean and maintain, and waterproof. When choosing the right ceramic tile, it’s important to find a style that is Grade 1 or 2 with a PEI (Porcelain Enamel Institute) Wear Rating of 3 or more. These types of ceramic tile will hold up against foot traffic. Choosing a lower grade and rating may seem cheaper, but will give you a thin, brittle tile susceptible to cracking.

Ceramic tile is tile, so be ready for a bit of a challenge when it comes to installation.

Vinyl Peel-and-Stick Tiles

If you like the look of tile without the grouting and spacing, vinyl peel-and-stick is the flooring for you. It’s waterproof, easy to install, and even easier to clean.

Vinyl tile can be difficult to remove, so even though it can adhere to most surfaces, removal is a whole other beast.

Bamboo Engineered Hardwood

Bamboo engineered hardwood is the most durable hardwood flooring option if you have a little more money to spend. Bamboo is waterproof, scratch and dent resistant, and holds a variety of stains that can mimic other types of hardwood.

Bamboo material is also the best sustainable option, as it is a fast-growing grass. While still cheaper than hardwood flooring, bamboo is more expensive than the other flooring mentioned.

Your Exciting Life Calls for Durable Flooring

Let your social media show off your life, not the scratches on your floor. When you go with one of these durable flooring possibilities, you save yourself from the stress of those accidents that happen. Durable flooring means you’re able to enjoy life on a new, scratch-free level.

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