How to Give Your Existing Kitchen A Retro Look Without Breaking the Bank

These days, almost everyone loves to enjoy the convenience we can get from modern appliances and systems inside the kitchen. From a food processing unit to a kitchen chimney, from an induction oven to a microwave oven – the list is endless. But as it comes to kitchen design, many of us will love to create a romantic retro vibe in the kitchen.

The contemporary modern look is not what every homeowner wants, even if it makes them an old soul. As we grow old, we start missing our old days. This is basic human nature. We want to recreate the days of youth. Be it fantastic fifties or amazing eighties or just a combination of them, you can surely have fun yet vintage style for your kitchen.


Tips to give your kitchen a vintage look

Well, there are many feasible ways through which you can give your kitchen a retro yet classy look. Let’s have a quick look at some of them.

  • Open storage

While modern kitchens are modular in most cases, choosing glass-front cabinets or open shelves would allow you to flaunt your heritage kitchen wares like old kettles, utility tins, and other home-style kitchen scales. Visible storage is ideal to hold dinnerware accessories as well. You can also keep vintage knick-knacks on the shelves to uplift their old charm. A vintage cabinet can also be a good option.

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Credit: Pluck Kitchens


  • Vintage lighting

With the widespread of online shopping sites, it won’t be a problem to find any kind of vintage lighting, irrespective of the decade. All you need to choose the lighting fixtures you want and place the order. It would be directly delivered to your doorstep. However, you can also visit your local shop to check out their inventory. If you know which year your home was built, you may ask for era-specific lighting for a more authentic theme.

  • Old hardware

If your home is new and you’re not sure how to bring a retro look to the same, make some changes in terms of accessories like knobs and cabinet pulls. For a completely classic look, use glass knobs. The tarnished gold or silver cup pulls might also give the look you’re looking for.

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Credit: Tamara Gavin


  • Colorful interior

Look for retro tablecloths. They are a true inspiration for remarkable color combination ideas. You can, for instance, use blue and scarlet like a homemaker from the 50s. You may think about the pastel route to bring a bakery vibe inside the kitchen. Add colorful classy accessories to bring coziness to the kitchen as well as the entire home.

  • Distressed furniture

The retro appearance has become so popular that sometimes people distress their new furniture to give them an old look. It may sound crazy yet true. And this looks nice. A worn and old table is rich in characters. You can find one in the antique store or the auction house. Opt for a kitchen cabinets with a distressed look.

Kitchen A Retro Look
Credit: Trending Home


  • Retro linen

Old linens and towels have their own style. They promptly shift you to the bygone time. You may use such towels for the skirts for the sink. You can also use them as dish towels or tea cloths.

Though not all, these are some of the most effective ways to give your kitchen a retro look and feel.

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