Folding Glass Doors: Are They a Good Investment?

If you’re looking to add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your home, you’ll love folding glass doors. Not only are these doors beautiful to look at, but they also come with a range of benefits that you might not have considered.

In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the installation tips for folding glass doors, the types of folding glass doors available on the market today, maintenance tips, how folding glass doors work, what a folding glass door is, and some of the benefits that you can expect from using them. So read on, and learn all you need to know about this amazing door type!


What are Folding Glass Doors?

A folding glass door, also known as a bi-fold door is a style of door with many segments that open and close by folding into one side of the frame rather than swinging in or out. Folding glass door designs are aesthetically pleasing for room arrangements where there is a huge window space but not enough room for a door to open, like on a balcony or in patio doors.

Folding glass doors can be made with either double or multiple panes of glass. They come in many sizes, shapes, and colors to perfectly match your home décor.

To open a folding glass door, the user first positions their body parallel to the top of the door and then pushes downwards, making sure not to contact either side of the frame.

The segments will automatically unfold themselves from one side of the frame and fall into place on the other side, forming a 180-degree opening. To close a folding glass door, simply position your body perpendicular to it and push upwards until all segments lock into place.


Folding Glass Doors: Are They a Good Investment?


Difference Between Sliding Glass Doors vs. Folding Glass Doors

Sliding Glass Doors: Sliding glass doors are a popular choice for businesses because of their versatility. They can be used as entranceways, windows, or rain shields. They open fully and smoothly with no sound or obstructions, making them ideal for public spaces like restaurants or shops.

Folding Glass Doors: Folding glass doors are perfect for enclosing smaller spaces, such as offices. The door folds inwards to provide privacy and security while still allowing light and air into the space. It is easy to operate – just pull the handle to open it wide!

Sliding Glass Doors: Sliding glass doors are usually a bit cheaper than folding glass doors, and they tend to be easier to install and move. They also open and close faster, making them ideal for busy environments.

Folding Glass Doors: Folding glass doors are more expensive than sliding door models, and they can take longer to open and close because of their larger size. They also require assembly by the homeowner which can be time-consuming.

Cost of Folding Glass Doors

It can cost anywhere from $1,800-$5,500 to buy a folding glass door, so it is important to do your research before making a purchase. This price excludes the installation, materials, and labor required to install the doors.  Additionally, remember that the price may depend on the size and type of door that you choose.

When you are ready to make your purchase, be sure to ask for a free measuring estimate so that you can get an accurate idea of what kind of installation will be required.


Folding Glass Doors: Are They a Good Investment?


Installation of Folding Glass Doors

Installing a folding glass door can be daunting, but it’s actually quite simple once you have the right tools and knowledge. Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Begin by measuring your door area accurately for header, top rail, bottom rail widths (if applicable), and height of the panes. You will also need to know how many hinges and locks you’ll need.

2. Purchase all of your necessary materials from an online or local hardware store: hangers/switches, screws/bolts (all different lengths), double-sided tape measure, leveler rod (+/-6 inches if needed), saw blade with01-inch guard (or other sharp objects suitable for cutting wood; avoid using finishings like WD-40!), weather stripping adhesive & sealant desired).

3. (Optional) Install security cameras in strategic locations near the entryway so that you can monitor activity throughout the day or night hours.

Once you have finalized all these details, follow these simple steps:

1) Measure and mark where the hinges will go on both sides of the door
2) Drill two holes at those measured locations
3) Insert anchors (at least 2″ in diameter), one at each end of the hole drilled earlier

4) Screw anchors into the wall or floor

5) Hang the door!

If this is outside your expertise, consider hiring a professional installation company. This might cost you some money but damaging the door during DIY installation might be more pocket-draining.


Folding Glass Doors: Are They a Good Investment?


Pros of Folding Glass Doors

Some of the most popular benefits of folding glass doors are their energy efficiency, security features, and appearance. Energy-efficient doors use less power than traditional door systems, which can significantly reduce your utility bill.

Additionally, a locked screen on a folding door prevents unauthorized access while still allowing you to open the door from the inside should you need to do so for maintenance or weather emergencies.

Folding glass doors also tend to have a modern look which can enhance any décor. And also, when closed up securely with the latch system, they provide privacy for people inside or outside the door.

Moreover, folding glass doors allow natural light into the house, making it easier to stay awake during late hours or on a dark day. And last but not least, they add an element of style and attractiveness to any home décor!

Con of Folding Glass Doors

There are a few cons to consider when it comes to foldable glass doors. These include that they can be difficult to open, especially if you’re trying to do so quickly; they can also be cumbersome and take up a lot of space when not in use; and lastly, they might require special installation or maintenance procedures.

Folding glass doors have other cons, such as it can be quite expensive compared to traditional glass doors, damage to the door itself or the frames that support it, unsightly gaps between the door and frame where dirt accumulates, inconvenience when entering or exiting the property due to blocked views, and privacy issues.

Furthermore, if you frequently enter or exit your home through folding glass doors without properly cleaning them (e.g., by leaving food residue on them), this could lead to a build-up of bacteria which could cause health problems. Finally, if your doors are not correctly sealed against weather conditions (such as humidity), wind and noise may penetrate into your home through the opening of your door screen.

What to Watch Out for When Buying Folding Glass Doors

When choosing folding glass doors, be sure to consider the following factors:

1. The type of hinges that are used: Folding glass doors with ball-and-socket style hinges are easier to open and close than those with screw-type hinges, but they may not last as long due to wear and tear.

2. The weight capacity of the door: Keep in mind that heavier doors require bigger screws for installation and tend to take up more space on your porch or patio.

3. The accessibility of the hinge mechanisms: Some models have hidden mechanisms that are difficult to access, which can lead to malfunctions over time (or even during use). Look for models that have easy-to-view hinge components so you can maintain them properly

4. The size: When it comes to size, you will need to decide on the width and height of your door. The narrower the dimensionality is (width & height), the easier it will be to install. You can also opt for a sliding or lift-style door if space is an issue in your home or office.

5. Appearance: Do you want doors that are formal or casual? You may prefer more subdued colors if you’re working in a professional setting, while warmer tones may be more appealing for a home environment.

6. Style: How does the design of the door match with your home’s style and decor? Does it have any features that you would like (such as hinges on the bottom)?

7. Functionality: How often will these doors need to be opened and closed? Are they window treatments or do they serve another purpose (like hiding unsightly clutter)? Also consider whether you need a lock/unlock feature on both sides of the door, just on one side, or none at all—this will affect price and complexity as well.

8. Your budget: When shopping for folding glass doors, it’s important to determine your overall budget first. There are a variety of options available at different price points, so it’s worth taking the time to research each one before making a purchase.

9: Security: As with all things mechanical, security should always be a priority when selecting new home improvement items like folding glass doors. While there aren’t any specific threats that these types of doors pose in comparison to other construction materials such as lumber or drywall、it’s still worth considering how robust they are against potential burglars.

10. Installation: Will installing the door be easy or difficult based on your property layout and existing window frames/sills?



Sliding doors are good investments if you want to keep a constant view of what’s outside your property, but folding glass doors are better if you want to create a more passive environment.

Sliding doors require maintenance and can be difficult to open and close. They also tend to make noise as they move, which can be disruptive if you’re trying to enjoy a quiet evening at home.

In contrast, folding glass doors are silent and easy to operate, making them ideal for homes that don’t have many visitors.

They also provide a seamless transition from the outside world into your home, which is particularly important in neighborhoods that are prone to crime or theft.

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