Top 5 Home Interior Design Apps We Think You’ll Love

 While planning may seem like a daunting task, it is the most important stage when it comes to decorating or renovating your home. Perhaps you have so many ideas, from the color of the walls to the furniture and decorative pieces, but quiet not sure how it will all come together? Digitalization has made almost everything easier today. Interior design and decorating Apps are great for planning and sharpening your decorative skills. Most of these apps are free and user-friendly, and there are lots of customization options to bring your dream home to life.

Read on for 5 best home interior design and decorating apps that will help you improve your designing skills and gaining inspiration that you can apply in real life.


  1. Design Home

This top-rated app is relaxing and fun and allows you to design living rooms, bathrooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and even outdoors as you play with real-life, high-end furniture and decor brands like Lexington, West Elm, Article, DWR, Brownstone, Cynthia Rowley, Badgley Mischka and more.

You can also draw design inspiration from a vibrant creative community as you learn more about many interior design styles. Design home gives you the opportunity to share your creativity with your friends when you connect on Facebook and you can also shop for items you want for your own home directly through the app.

Available for iOS and Android; free

2. Houzz Home Design & Renovation

 Houzz is an amazing app and a website for improving and designing your home. The app provides many articles to give you inspiration and guidance for home renovation and design and helps connect homeowners with home improvement professionals.

There is a range of high-resolution photos in the gallery to draw inspiration from and it has an amazing feature called ‘view my house in 3D’ which lets you try out the 3D version of the products in your home before purchasing it.

Available for iOS and Android; free


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  3. Planner 5D- Interior Design

Whether you are renovating, remodeling, or designing your home, this app makes home interior designing easy. It is user-friendly and it allows you to create floor plans in detailed 2D and 3D modes. There are lots of items from the catalog to choose from to create a completely unique and stylish home.

It also has a snapshot function to create photo-realistic images for your designs with realistic lighting, textures, and shadows.

Available for iOS and Android; free

  4. Live Home 3D- Interior Design

This home interior design app enables you to create a detailed 2D floor plan layout out of any complexity and performs interior design 3D visualization and virtual reality walkthrough inside your home with ease.

It also projects your 3D home into real-world surroundings, and even walk around or inside the house using view in AR (augmented reality).

 Available for iOS and Android; free

  5. Decor Matters: Design & Shop

What’s there not to love about this app? Decor matter is a great app to unleash your creative side. There are lots of home decor trends and DIY tips from bloggers and interior designers. You can draw inspiration from other users’ designs, build an impressive design portfolio, and even become an influencer of the community.

There are intriguing design challenges you can partake in or perhaps, sponsor your own design challenges for others to participate in. You can create items with and shop for your favorite brands through the app such as West Elm, Article, Wayfair, Overstock, Pier 1, World Market, and more.

 Available for iOS and Android; free