Why Opt for Insulated Garage Doors?

Today, investing in insulating garage doors is by far more cost-effective than buying uninsulated garage doors. These doors have the capacity to lower energy bills and regulate the temperature indoors in a way that standard garage doors can’t do. However, the fact that they are more cost-effective doesn’t mean they are inexpensive to install. The cost of installing insulated garage doors is precisely much higher.

The insulating capacity of the insulated garage doors is measured through the R-value. This value helps to determine how efficient an insulated garage door is. The insulation level or the R-value can be affected by the weather or location.

Added to that, not all insulated garage doors are made from the same materials, which means that some do not provide so much protection. Luckily, most are made from various layers of polyurethane to ensure protection. Below are some advantages and disadvantages of insulated garage doors.


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The Pros of Insulated Garage Doors

1. Temperature regulation

Insulating garage doors prevent heat loss in garages. Most garages cannot retain too much heat with uninsulated garage doors, causing the heat to move to other rooms. Insulated garage doors regulate this very well.

Insulated garage doors work great in many circumstances. If it is winter or you live in a place that has a freezing climate, insulated garage doors can help maintain a consistent temperature. The same will happen in summer. Insulated garage doors help maintain a temperature that is not too hot while helping lower your energy bills.

Further, these doors protect your vehicles and tools from the effects of temperature, especially if the place where you live has changing weather. With a good temperature indoors, you will use your heater less often in winter. This is the purpose of insulated garage doors.


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2. Added value

As you may know, the insulated garage door cost is much higher than the standard garage door cost. An insulated garage door can be made of two or three materials, but it is often made of steel and polyurethane, which boosts its insulating capabilities. If your home has it, your home will be pricier.

Due to their construction materials, insulated garage doors are more durable. These gates have more layers that protect them from show and blizzards, while they won’t overheat. They will cool off, indeed.

Think about installing an insulated garage if you want to add value to your home to see it at a higher price.


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3. Reducing the load on your HVAC equipment

To put it simply, you will use your HVAC equipment less frequently, which translates into fewer costs and a minimization of energy bills. An insulated garage door will make cooling or heating equipment less necessary.

4. Protecting your car

An insulated garage door will protect your car from extremely cold temperatures. It is a fact that it is harder to start a car in winter. Insulated garage doors are effective in keeping the indoor temperature cool or warm regardless of the outdoor temperature. This means your vehicle will not overheat when it is scorching outside or will not be slow to start in winter or autumn.

The Cons of Insulated Garage Doors

1. High cost

The cost for an insulated garage door is never below 500 USD. While you can pick up a garage door at that price, it will likely not give you the quality protection you would get in a 2000 USD insulated garage door.

2. Garage windows

The price will depend on the things you incorporate into your insulated garage. Not only can you include an insulated garage door in your garage, but you can also add insulated windows. Doing this has one advantage and one drawback. While you will avoid an increase in energy bills, you will have to spend more money on the installation of these windows.

3. Frequent use

You can open or close your insulated garage doors whenever you want to, but if you keep them open, they won’t work properly. These gates are more efficient as long as they are closed.

Common methods for Insulated Garage Doors

There are common methods to turn an uninsulated garage door into a garage door with amazing insulating capabilities.

It goes without saying that new insulated garage doors are more expensive. For this reason, we give some tips to insulate the garage door you have, so you don’t overspend on this project.

It is important to remark that insulated garage doors require proper sealing that guarantees their durability and resistance to wear and use. Since these doors are frequently opened and closed, the seal must hold up this load. There are several methods to insulate garage doors, as follows:

  • Foam board

Using garage door insulating panels can be the solution, but only if you don’t open the door too often. They are pretty efficient in terms of insulation but fail in terms of durability. The foam comes off after constant use.

  • Spray foam insulation

It is probably the least effective of all the insulation methods we will mention here. The spray foam is not as protective as the foam board.


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  • Cellulose insulation

The only con of this method is the high cost it has, but it is unquestionably effective. Cellulose is sprayed onto the garage door.


insulated garage doors insulated garage door cost garage insulation garage door insulation panels best garage door insulation


  • Reflective insulation

Unlike foam boards, reflective insulation uses thin boards coated with aluminum foil to conduct heat away. This insulation method is perfect for hot climates.

  • Fiberglass insulation batts

This is probably the most popular insulation method for garage doors, and it’s also the least expensive. Batts are more suitable for the inside of garage doors.

Using the wrong insulation method can cause more trouble. Talk to a professional to help you choose the best garage door insulation based on your needs and the place you live.


insulated garage doorsinsulated garage door cost garage insulation garage door insulation panels best garage door insulation

Are insulating garage doors really worth it in the end?

You must have a good reason that pushes you to install an insulating garage door. For example, you can consider installing it if you are planning to move or sell your home.

Likewise, install an insulating garage door if you often work in your garage. When the indoor temperature is not adequate, it is not possible to work comfortably. Apart from that, your car overheats quickly.

Last but not least, an insulated door will always improve the temperature indoors.


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