Kitchen Countertops: What’s the Best Type of Material to Use?

Most people are usually in a bind when choosing the best type of material to use for kitchen countertops. This is generally because they tend to weigh the cost, practical function, and aesthetics when choosing. Using premium kitchen countertops material presents your kitchen aesthetically and makes maintaining it more manageable.

At a point in time, marble kitchen countertops were a lot of people’s dreams. However, it is worthy to note that kitchen countertop materials come in various ranges, each with advantages and disadvantages.

For some, especially homeowners, concrete slab, wood, ceramic tiles, or quartz might be a good option against kitchen countertops like zinc, stainless steel, and bamboo, which might be very hard to maintain and pricey.

However, ruling out some materials should not be considered without looking at some of the best materials out there. They include:


1.   Concrete

One of the best materials to use for kitchen slabs is concrete slabs. Concrete slab kitchen countertops usually give most modern kitchens a bold and unique touch. Though you can buy concrete slabs, you would find joy in pouring a concrete slab by hand if you are a DIY enthusiast.

However, you should keep in mind that irrespective of the durability and customization options that are available for concrete slab kitchen countertops, it takes time to cast and cure, plus it can be prone to stains.


Kitchen Countertops: What's the Best Type of Material to Use?
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2.   Granite

Over time, granite slab from Houston has been one of the best and most popular materials for kitchen countertops.

With its dual color range (light and dark), granite is preferable by some since it can be cut to various sizes, such as beveled and full bullnose.

However, some studies have shown that radiation is present in granite countertops irrespective of the low maintenance required and heat resistance nature of granite countertops.


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3.   Marble

From consumer reports, marble kitchen countertops have emerged as one of the best materials, predominantly due to their high-end and aesthetic nature. This is easily understood since marble naturally elevates a kitchen with veined patterns, contemporary feeling, unique appearance, and clean nature.

However, despite its aesthetics, budget-friendly nature, and usefulness for low-temperature baking, marble is quite non-practical. Apart from porosity which can lead to stains, marble is quite soft, thus not a good option for cutting boards.


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4.   Quartz

As one of the best kitchen countertop materials, quartz is made to be durable and last longer. Quartz is not entirely made up of quartz. Instead, they contain synthetic resins and natural stones (pulverized) that ensure binding and hardness.

The result is a kitchen top material that is resistant to chemicals or household cleaning supplies like natural stone options such as granite. Though beautiful and requires little maintenance, quartz is heavy and prone to chip around the edges and corners and needs maintenance professionals.



5.   Laminate

Laminate countertops are among the best kitchen countertop materials for their affordable options. They are made from plastic material bonded with medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and are available in various patterns and colors.

Though lightweight and hollow, laminate countertops are prone to scorching, chipping, and peeling.


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If you are ever trying to enhance the beauty of your kitchen with an exquisite countertop design, you have to consider a lot of things. Once you have put all things into consideration, you can then pick out the best for yourself.

Nevertheless, if you have a wide selection, then it’s best you pick at least one of our topic material choices for kitchen countertops.

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