32 Best Studio McGee Dining Rooms of All Time

Are you on the hunt for incredible ways to spruce up your dining room? Get inspired by these magnificent Studio McGee dining rooms! 

The dining room is a multifunctional space in the home where families gather to share meals, entertain, and even work.

A typical dining room often features a dining table and chairs. This space can serve as a beautiful focal point that can be visually striking but also complement the overall design of the home.

If you want to explore an expert’s approach to designing dining rooms, then you have come to the right place!

Studio McGee is a renowned interior design studio and online store owned by married couple Shea and Syd McGee.

Known for their clean, elegant, and timeless design approach, Studio McGee has gained widespread recognition for designing beautiful homes that resonate with a broad audience. 

The power couple is also the co-host of Netflix’s original series “Dream Home Makeover“—  which is worth binge-watching if you want to see their creativity in live action. 

In this article, we have curated the 32 best Studio McGee dining rooms of all time to inspire you and expert tips to transform your dining space.

Prepare to be blown away! 



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How to Design Your Dining Room Like Studio McGee

Use Neutral Colors

The McGees often used neutral and earthy colors throughout their designs, especially in the dining room.

This makes a space feel clean, fresh, and visually calming.

Neutral colors also have a timeless quality that transcends trends.

In addition to these, neutrals are often forgiving when it comes to wear and tear compared to bold colors. 

Choose Appropriate Furniture Size and Design

The dining table and chairs are the most crucial elements when designing a dining room.

This can make or break the overall look of the space. Go for a design to prioritizes comfort but is also visually appealing.

Selecting the appropriate furniture size for your dining room is crucial for creating a comfortable and functional space.

Consider the number of people you intend to accommodate regularly and measure your space before going shopping. 

● Make a Statement with the Lighting

The dining room is the focal point of an open-plan space. A statement of lighting can add impact and a sense of grandeur to a minimalist dining room.

Beautiful and functional lighting in the dining room can elevate the entire aesthetic and ambiance of the space. 

● Add Interest with a Centerpiece

A centerpiece is a finishing touch that should not be overlooked when designing a dining room.

This creates a focal point on the dining table, drawing attention and anchoring the visual interest in the room.  

Some common centerpieces for the dining room are fresh flowers or plants in a vase, fruit baskets, table linens, and decorative ornaments. 

● Decorate the Wall

You can add interest and visual impact to your dining room by decorating the main wall. There are so many approaches to take.

You can create an accent wall, or gallery wall, hang a large beautiful artwork or a mirror, or create floating shelves. 

● Add Greenery with Potted Plants

Plants can enliven a space, inject color, and purify the air. 

You can display some fresh plants on the table or tall standing plants. Consider choosing vases that enhance the appeal of the space. 

● Bring in a Console Table

A console table is a functional and aesthetic addition to a dining room.

Plus, since they are often narrow and long, they are ideal for smaller dining rooms where space is limited. 

On a console table, you can store dining-related items such as table linens, dishware, or cutleries. 

Another advantage of a console table is that it provides a flat surface that can be used to display decorative items like vases, artwork, or decorative bowls on the table to enhance the visual appeal of the dining space.

● Embrace “Less is More”

Studio McGee’s designs are clean and uncluttered as it provides a sense of calm and order.

If you want your dining room to look and feel expertly tailored, then you should consider keeping things simple.  

This approach aligns with the principles of minimalism and can contribute to a more serene living environment.


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