40 Best Sage Green Living Room Ideas

Calming, virtually striking, and sophisticated are just a few words to describe the color ‘sage green’. Get inspired to create the perfect space with these chic sage green living room ideas. 

Over the last few years, sage green has grown overwhelmingly popular and has become a designer go-to for creating elegant spaces.

Just like the name implies, sage green is a muted shade of green assembling dried sage herbs. This dusty green hue has a grey undertone and serves almost as a neutral. Sage green exudes a soothing feel and an earthy sophistication when used in design. 

It is extremely versatile and works great for all interior spaces. Grey and beige have been the dominating neutral for decades and it looks like sage green is getting into this league. 

This muted and eye-catching shade of green is a modern twist to the traditional green—  making it ideal for creating modern, farmhouse-style, and even traditional homes.

Sage green also comes in a wide array of shades. It can have a blue, grey, or brown undertone — as well as a lighter or darker appearance. 

In this article, we’ve curated 40 stunning sage green living room ideas. These design ideas are sure to inspire you and may also help you formulate a color scheme for the entire room. 


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1. Farrow and Ball Treron

Treron is a sophisticated medium sage green paint by Farrow and Ball. It works exceptionally well as a living room accent wall. This invigorating sage green color is mysterious yet comforting.

Combine it with brown, burnt orange, or mustard yellow for a visually striking color scheme.

treron midjourney Sage Green Living RoomSource


2. Colorful Sage Green Living Room

The versatility of sage green is another characteristic that makes it so unique. Although the color green is one of the most versatile hues on the spectrum.

Sage green can flaunt bold vibrant hues like turquoise, yellow, burgundy, red, and fushia. So even if you’re a maximalist, you can still benefit from sage green. 

cxQbR3sQQxyu3CEiCCzZYc 1280 80.jpg Sage Green Living RoomSource


3. Minimalist Living Room

Sage green is perfect for minimalist spaces because muted and can give your home a sophisticated edge.

If you’re on the hunt for a visually appealing color for use in place of neutrals like beige, grey, and white, then sage green should be on your radar. 

MEDBB5C36FEA7884F01AFB249C9C348997B 20210802221432 w2200 q80 Sage Green Living RoomSource


4. Warm Sage Green Living Room

In general, most sage green tends to fall on the cooler side of the spectrum. But, there are a plethora of sage green shades and they come in many varying undertones.

So, if you prefer a warmer shade for your living room, go for a sage green-yellow undertone, favoring an olive green. 

suzie house shoot 0029 1660245249 Sage Green Living RoomSource


5. Nature-Inspired Living Room

Sage green embraces the biophilic design trend. It instills a sense of nature and serenity in interior spaces. Plants can further enliven the space and add organic richness to it while improving the air quality. 

Stone, wicker, wood, rattan, and bamboo are some natural materials that can add a raw organic vibe and an irresistible charm to a living room. 

IMG 5491 Sage Green Living Room


6. Mid-Century Modern Living Room

The simple yet refined aesthetic of mid-century modern interiors is characterized by the use of natural materials, clear lines, and sleek forms.

To elevate and give a new character a mid-century modern living, consider bringing in sage green.


81dbb68a488a2cc55580283978e711ff Sage Green Living RoomSource


7.  Lime + Sage Green 

Sage green works beautifully with other shades of green, which is a yellowish-green shade. Using two shades of the same color creates depth and a layered look. 


treron midjourney 3 Sage Green Living RoomSource


8. Sage Green + Blue + Yellow

One of the commonly used colors that goes well with sage green is blue, and a subtle pop of yellow. This color scheme can bring character out of a living room like nothing else.

The best shade of blue to use for this scheme is medium-to-dark and the most ideal shade of yellow is mustard. This color combination is the essence of color harmonization. 

Screenshot 2023 11 23 at 09.25.25 Sage Green Living Room


9. Sage Green + Blue + Burnt Orange

Burnt orange or light brown also adds warmth and a virtually striking appeal to a sage green and blue color combination. It is the ideal scheme for creating a classic-meets-cozy look in the living room. 

Screenshot 2023 11 23 at 09.31.14 Sage Green Living RoomSource


10. Warm and Cozy Living Room

Soft and soothing colors like sage green help to create a cozy atmosphere in the living room.

Bring some dark colors in for a moody aesthetic, layer your lighting, soften the floor with a rug, and make the fireplace the room’s focal point. 

hbghvghv Sage Green Living RoomSource


11. Minimalist Artwork

Use a minimalist canvas to keep things classy and sophisticated. Some shades of sage green may be more saturated than others.

If a simple look is what you’re going for then avoid using over-the-top and colorful art pieces, especially on the focal point. 

treron midjourney 1 Sage Green Living RoomSource


12. Sage Green Wall + Mustard Yellow Sofa

To dramatically up the wow factor in your sage green living room, consider using a mustard yellow sofa.

A yellow sofa is rich yet understated. Plus, this statement-making hue evokes feelings of happiness, warmth, and optimism. 

IMG 5483 Sage Green Living Room


13. Light Sage Living Room 

Light sage green shades strike a balance between serene and stimulating. It is ideal for covering the entire wall of the living without stealing attention. 

It catches the eyes and also acts as a laid-back neutral. Although, most shades of sage green are. A light sage will make a space feel brighter and more open than a darker shade. 

IMG 5481 Sage Green Living RoomSource


14. Wainscotting + Wallpaper

To maximize interest in your living room, combine a nature-inspired wallpaper and vertical planks wall coverings. This also works exceptionally well for bedrooms. 

881217ff442a4903a2ab2bd488502171 Sage Green Living RoomSource


15. Traditional Living Room

The traditional design style cues from the 18th and 19th centuries. Add a sophisticated and modern twist to your traditional living room with a fresh coat of sage green paint.

Introduce bold and complementary colors to the scheme. Then, incorporate rich materials, antiques, and dramatic textiles. 

LX SE01 HOM Living History 190228 029 Sage Green Living Room



16. Half Painted Apartment Living Room

What makes sage green ideal for small spaces like apartments is that it can retain natural light. For an even brighter space and a layered look, go for a half-white and half-sage green painted wall. 

ystadsvacc88gen mimmi staaf joakim johansson livingroom beige brown stripes fantastic frank f2488bcba6714679b05f23a277f0a68f Sage Green Living RoomSource


17. Pale Sage Green

All colors have paler shades. This is when a color is brighter and less saturated in appearance or almost white. A pale sage green can be used in place of classic neutrals to create a soothing ambiance. 

fb mizzle Sage Green Living RoomSource


18. Rustic Living Room

The aesthetic of rustic design is one that is organic, old, natural, and sometimes even a little distressed. Sage green is a great base color for rustic-style living rooms because it brings in a sense of greenery. 

lichen livingroom farrowball Sage Green Living RoomSource


19.  Living Room Accent Wall 

An accent wall or a feature wall helps to create an eye-catching focal point in a room.

It is essentially when an interior wall is painted or designed differently from the others. Using sage green for an accent wall in a living room yields easy elegance. 

rwt4fmim0w831 Sage Green Living RoomSource


20. Sage Green + Orange

This pair goes well together since they are both earthy tones. Orange infuses warmth and richness into a room while sage green creates a bold yet simple statement. 

brandon Sage Green Living RoomSource


21. Characterful Artwork

Sage is a calm and refreshing color that promotes relaxation. Artworks can help to enliven and add visual interest to an otherwise minimalist living room. They bring character and personality into a room. 

IMG 5493 Sage Green Living RoomSource


22. Scandinavian Apartment 

A Scandinavian design is defined by clean lines, minimalism, and functionality without sacrificing style.

Sage green gives a room a sense of visual calm and this makes it a fantastic color choice for Scandinavian-inspired spaces.  

AScandinavianApartmentWithOliveGreenWalls TheNordroom Sage Green Living RoomSource


23. Farrow and Ball Green Smoke

This smoky green-blue paint color is ideal for creating a living room that is elegant and refined.

Evoking calm and serenity, Green Smoke gives a living room a serene and neutral aesthetic. 

IMG 5490 Sage Green Living RoomSource


24. Wooden Ceiling Beam

Exposed ceiling beams add a dramatic sense of heft and strength to a room.

The appearance of natural wood also makes a space feel warm and gives it a rustic charm. 

IMG 5474 Sage Green Living RoomSource


25. Arched Corner 

Arches and alcoves are making a comeback in the interior design sphere, and it’s a surprise why.

These timeless design elements add architectural interest and visual depth to interior spaces. 

Screenshot 2023 11 25 at 00.14.36 Sage Green Living RoomSource


26. Built-In Shelving 

Integrating a built-in shelving into a wall unit is great for maximizing storage in small spaces.

They can also be used to add visual interest to a room.  Organize books and decorative accessories in a tidy and layered manner. 

IMG 5488 Sage Green Living RoomSource


27. Sage Green Wall + Blue Sofa

If you’re wondering what sofa is best for a sage-giving living room, then you may be pleased to know that most sofas will work great.

Blue is one of the most virtually striking choices. Grey, beige, and burnt orange are also fantastic choices. 

IMG 5472 Sage Green Living RoomSource


28. Bohemian Living Room

Boho style is a carefree approach that emphasizes organic materials and nature while fusing various cultures and artistic expressions into one diverse style.

Sage green is a superb color choice for a bohemian living room because it creates a serene and neutral aesthetic. 

IMG 5482 Sage Green Living Room


29. Matching Sofa and Ottoman

Your living room will feel more put together and cohesive if your sofa and ottoman match since they will all be the same style, color, and fabric.

IMG 5492 Sage Green Living RoomSource


30. Arched Built-In Shelving

Arches are used to add architectural detail and visual interest to a room. This feature can incorporated into your living room’s built-in shelving, interior walls, and partitions.

IMG 5486 Sage Green Living RoomSource


31. Sage Green + Yellow + Blush Pink

If you prefer a maximalist design aesthetic, one of the best ways to give your room depth and personality is with a striking color scheme like sage, yellow, and blush pink.

IMG 5489 Sage Green Living RoomSource


32. Wall Paint Design

Other can creating an accent wall, there is a wide array of wall paint designs to help you make a statement in your living room. The design can be tailored to match your living room style or aesthetic preferences.

IMG 5485 Sage Green Living Room


33. Exposed Brick Fireplace Wall

An exposed brick wall is a great way to add texture and a rustic charm to an otherwise uninteresting space.

IMG 5476 Sage Green Living RoomSource


34. Neutral Living Room With Light Sage Seating

Another brilliant way to bring the earthy and soothing sage into your living room is by using a sage green sofa or accent chairs. You can also inject this color into your space through the area rug, drapes, and other soft furnishings. 

IMG 5487 Sage Green Living Room



35. Dark Sage Green Living Room

Generally, green is a restful, timeless, and versatile hue. For moody aesthetics and a cozy feel, go for a dark sage green paint color

IMG 5484 Sage Green Living RoomSource


36. Benjamin Moore October Mist

October Mist is a stunning light sage green paint. This softly tinted sage is reminiscent of a flower stalk and can elevate an uninspiring space. 

bhhbj 2 Sage Green Living Room



37. Painted Door

A fresh coat of sage paint is an easy way to spruce up tatty doors while also uplifting your home’s décor quotient. 

IMG 5477 Sage Green Living RoomSource


38. Living Room With Antique Furniture

There is a characterful elegance about antique furniture. Antique-style furniture’s elaborate details, opulent design, and robust structure make it ideal for use as a statement piece.

D53CB7D4 347A 4CCE B848 B248DB6171BE cropped scaled cef886e5213a4598951d70d8a6fd8a74 Sage Green Living RoomSource


39. Small Sage Green Living Room

Sage feels tremendously soothing and relaxing, making it ideal for small spaces. Plus, it is also versatile and does not overwhelm a space or compete for attention. 

IMG 5478 Sage Green Living RoomSource


40. Gallery Wall

An organized arrangement of pictures, prints, or posters on wall that is supported by picture frames is called gallery wall. It helps to add visual interest to an otherwise lackluster living room wall. 

IMG 5475 Sage Green Living RoomSource



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